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I Gained 15 lbs


Started bulking in August and went from 185 to 200 lbs. My goal is to eventually get to 220 below 10% bf, but I'm not sure if I should keep bulking or do a mini cut/recomp before I try to gain weight again. What do you think?

Here's a pic (Don't have any before pics unfortunately):


Keep bulking.


You are still lean. Keep bulking for sure!


Do you really need to ask? lol

Why would you think that you need a cut, where's the fat?

Good job so far by the way...


Yeah, continue....I know the idea of going smooth yet getting big might be a concern but I learned to deal with it all too easy.


Amazingly lean for such a gain. Keep going bruddah!



What exactly are you trying to cut?

Instead of worrying about non-existent bodyfat, focus on making your arms and shoulders bigger in relation to the rest of you...


I agree about the arms. I used to follow the thinking of "you don't need direct arm work, your pushing and pulling compounds will take care of it" Such bullshit. I got up to doing 70 x 5 on chins and my bi's didn't grow at all.

I'll start working on upping my poundages for curls and tricep exercises. I always get really bad pain in my forearms though when I go heavy on curls, either straight bar or easy bar. Anyone else have this issue?


Yeah I always get this and only just found out what it was since joining this site.

Quoted from Prof X: "If you are referring to pain in the forearms when curling that goes away when the weight is set down, that is common and due to the bone's elastic bending during a heavy movement. Over time, you should build enough bone density there for that not to occur. That happened to me for years before it subsided."


Ya thats exactly what happens to me. Thanks for the info.


When releasing your grip while putting down the weight, do it slowly.


Who exactly started this and why did ANYONE follow?

What huge guys out there are avoiding biceps curls aside from powerlifters who also do curls in majority?

Was this started on this website and if so, which author?


Also, what made you think you need to "cut" AT ALL?

I am a little worried that this was even a consideration as if you thought you were fat now.

It means your perception may be off....or your every action is guided by what you read somewhere.


Yes, I do. It's fairly common actually... Different kinds though, some you can push through apparently, some you can't... I don't do any bar curls at all usually, though there are some specialty bars which work for me.

Use DB's.... Alternating or sim. curls, Pinwheels and so on for your heavy work, and Incline Offset curls...


I didn't get that either. OP, you're leaner than 90 percent of the people here.


IM guessing its a simply case of the Beginning Lifter's Teeter Totter. Bulk a bit, abs becomes not as visible/you FEEL bigger and thusly cut. Drop numbers to quickly, cut becomes hazardous, bulk up again, etc etc.

OP, you're setting yourself up for one tremendously long game of 'Ball in a cup' if you keep this mentality up. Gotta just power through it bro, give yourself more credit and Bulk!



First post for a Level 4, nice lol

Did you tear a bicep in your avatar picture?


"and cleanup is as easy as catching a ball in a cup!" -lmao!!!!



All the cool kids train arms.