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I Found This To Be Bad Ass


Ok, so I just talked to a professor from back home. She's a real smart ass and really likes "sticking it to the man" at every chance....freedom fighter type, get it? She's around 70 and pretty much looks like she would fall over if the wind blows.

Well, she just told me about a meeting she had with some community mental health agencies(pretty much treat the system like a clubhouse-general do nothings..beuracracy filled yada yada in my hometown. It was called a "donut meeting" in which she handed out donuts and delivered some hellish news.

It went like this according to her

open meeting-introduction blah blah

hand out donuts

wait til all agency reps are mid chew

drop bomb of permission to redistribute money to the association she is in control of..and others that are, um less "red tape" and more "red heart"...her quote

watch entire room's mouth hang open....spilling donut on shirts.

walk out of room


Fuck you guys if you don't think that's awesome.




The beer just wasn't enough, huh?
You had to start doing drugs too.


Wha'choo talkin' 'bout Rocky?


i approve of this humor


Maybe if you were more specific it would be a better story....but beaurocrats arguing isn't bad ass or awesome.


I do think that is bad ass.

Making food fall out of a bureaucrats mouth when they realize that their time at the trough is up would be a sight to behold.

Poetic in a way.


This thread makes almost as much sense as this device.


Rock, you under stress or short on material as of late?


It's called the "Ultimate Machine"

Claude Shannon, kept one on his desk. I think everyone should know who this man is.


Did you say doughnuts?


Oh no room for Bender huh? Fine. I'll go build my own lunar lander. With blackjack! And hookers! in fact, forget the lunar lander and the blackjack.


old people being mean is where its at. I am going to be crotchety. I already am pretty crotchety.


I think you should have a meeting with some community mental health agencies.*

  • I'm implying you're mentally ill.**

** Because your posts are that bad.


^ I thought it was just me that couldn't understand them!


So basically she walked in and told them she was pulling her funds from their agencies to be allocated elsewhere. Right? So she fired them in a sense. Nice.




Powdered or cream-filled?


I Found This To Be Bad Bass


Wow. Yeah, everyone should, yet I'm guessing not many people do.


People like Claude Shannon baffle me. Their brains - how do they work? Do you think he shouted "lightweight baby!" before he owned some new mathematical/scientific development? What a guy!