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I Found the Ultimate PWO Meal


Texas de Brazil in Fort Worth.

Not sure where others are.

Basically you walk in, go to the salad bar with an obscene amount of different foods to try.

Then you go to your table and you eat your salad and flip a little card over to the green side.

Then they bring you meat. Everything from filet to parmesan chicken to sirloin to lamb and pork. Seriously everything, and different types of everything.

What's more:

They don't stop you. I had to have eaten at least 3000 calories there between all the meat, salad, and the most delicious mashed potatoes I've ever eaten. Ate till pain. It was awesome.

You don't even look at a menu unless you want alcohol.

Then they bring you your $60 bill. Per person, lol.

It truly was amazing. Quantity and quality, both top notch. What a night. Truly red letter.


Check into lunch at places Texas de Brazil, Fogo de Chao, Brazazz, Gaucho's and any other brazillian steakhouse you know of. Many times they can be $20-$25 and it is exact same as dinner.


off topic but i love burritos as a pwo meal, beans cooked in lard(most mexican place cook their beans in lard),rice,meat,guacamole,sour cream,cheese, with a negroe modelo to wash it down. its fuckin anabolic.


We have a Fogo De Chao here in Indy and the place is great. It's like 35 dollars for all you can eat meat! Like the op stated.. there are over 15 cuts of prime meat with a sald bar and sides. I don't know about Texas but the service was the best I ever had. My glass never got less than half empty. The food is so good, a little high on salt but real good.


$60 x 6 workouts/week = fuck no


Wimps. This is a PWO:



Brazilian Steakhouses are the new trend. You can find one in every major market in America.


i wish there was one here...but in Columbus, OH there is a place called BD's Mongolian Grill....its f'in amazing,...if you are close or are going to the Anold, check it out,...kind of like a lean buffet


BD's Mongolian Grill kicks ass...

We just got one last year.


We got one of those too, it's amazing. Basically just a make your own stir-fry kinda place, where you can combine all the meats, seafood, sauces, whatever, and they cook it up in front of you.

I remember going to a polynesian place in disney world that was also amazing though - they sat you down and then brought all sorts of different meats around on giant skewers and you could just ask for more.

Goddamn I really want mongolian for lunch now.


Best trend ever.



sounds awesome though...


one of those went under in San Antonio a few years ago. i did love it though


Churrasco rules used to go to the ones around Ladbroke Grove in London with the guys from my BJJ academy quite regularly.

There is a great one called Brasil 2000 here in London. Much cheaper than $60 as well.

The trick is to not let them guide you into the salad bars and fillers, hold out for the steak and chorizo.


im more of a fish person


One in Dayton as well. Absolutely great.