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I Found the Best Gym on Earth

So Ive been here in Iraq for about a month now. And I just recently ran across the best gym in the world: A wooden hut with no electricity, water or a/c, nothing but dumbbells, barbells, benches of all kinds, and racks of all kinds. DBs go up to 200 or so.

Concrete floors, except for hard mats to do PLing on, etc. I was the ONLY one in there for 95% of the time (10am ish). The reason it’s so empty is because you have to have a security clearance to get into my compound, where the gym is at.

Anyway, to make a long story short: this gym gives me a boner.

On to my question:

They have a sledgehammer, tires, heavy bags with gloves, etc. Crossfit shit, I know, I know. But it’s fairly intriguing at this point in my training. Not cross fit, just those 3 particular things that I mentioned.

But I have NOOO idea how to incorporate that into my training. Any idea? Tire flips after DL? Sledgehammer on an arm day? Heavy bag for cardio after workouts?

All in all, I fucking love this gym.

Is this US military affiliated? Or is it private?

I don’t associate sledgehammer training strictly with crossfit … I wouldn’t pigeon hold any of those and hold great benefits in any kind of training imo. I’d say incorporate them as you see fit. Mess around and see what works best for you, what you like best. When I incorporate tires/sledgehammer into my training i use it to finish out my workout, I try to burn out my energy. Works awesome, feels great and it’s as cathartic and therapeutic as punching your worst enemy in the face …

[quote]SpartanX wrote:
Is this US military affiliated? Or is it private?[/quote]

Does it fucking matter? When’s the next time you’re going to be in Iraq?

OP, perhaps dedicate one or two sessions to those implements exclusively and get a feel for what you want to do and moreover what muscles get sore from doing it. See how it feels, then spread the movements out over your week once you have a good guage.

BradTGIF, that’s a good idea. I’ll prob just do a day or two of that sort of stuff and see how I feel about it.

And, yes, I dont want to pigeon hole that stuff into crossfit, which is why Im so excited to try it out. Everyone in the Marine Corps is so die-hard crossfit, though, that I have almost a gut reaction to all things associated to it. But I think it’s important to be open to new ideas and techniques. Im especially excited about the sledgehammer. I could see that tearing up your back and shoulders.

Oh and Im not 100% sure what you mean by private vs military. Everything is military associated in so far that everyone that goes there is in the military and it’s on a military base, etc…? However, it’s not run by the MWR/KBR people, if that’s what you mean. Not sure that I understand, sorry.