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I found a beginner's workout....

here it is, i think it looks awesome, and it should work good with my nightshift schedule, and the fact that i workout at home helps with that a little. It’s a 2 day/week routine.

Please keep in mind, he just listed some good sample workouts, and somewhere else said that a good set range for a beginner would be 2-4, of course it varies on workout, full body etc…
If any of you can help me with the sets then that would be great.

I’m gonna use a 311 tempo, since my goal is strength/size.

To warm up, a couple mins of cardio or anything, do 2 warm-up sets per exercise with an empty standard bar, and required stretching.
Reps: 6-8
Rest: 2 min between sets

Day 1 Chins Squat Barbell curls Bench Press Leg Curl,

Day 2
Close Grip Bench Press
Military press
Bent over row
Calf raise

What do ya guys think? is it a good start to training?