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I Found a 5lbs. Jug of Protein on the Subway!


It's hard to find here in Taiwan too, I usually have to import the stuff I like. Things are lookin' up! :smiley:





OP, not.


lmfao, it was only a matter of time. Damn.


I once offered a military buddy $50 to fill up a 5 pound protein jug with his, um, protein. He gave it his best shot, but his roommate made him get rid of it because it smelled too bad. He said it got to the point that he had to light a candle and leave the lid halfway on, then lean over and take the lid off right when he was about to make his deposit. The best part was when he would walk around shaking the jug, asking people if they wanted to see his kids. I think he said he left it on some subway when we were stationed in Taiwan.


^ haha no fucking way!

on a serious note. if you were low on protein and you found a 5lb jug of abandoned protein on the subway would you keep it? If it looked like it was full and only 'just' opened?


That story was 100% true, except for the leaving it on the subway part. He threw it away right before a big inspection.


I would only take it if all of the seals were in place, and even then I would make my girlfriend try it first.


This thread could have been soooo much better. Waste.


don't touch it, it's laced with anthrax....