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I fought a mastiff/boxer dog last night and won


Got home last nite and the ex was round so we decided to take the dogs(ones a staffy and ones a little cross breed) out for a quick walk. Out of nowhere a pretty big mastiff/boxer dog grabbed hold of my littlest dog and started flinging her around by the neck. My ex is screaming with panic and without thinking i grab this dog (weighing approx 40-50kg) around the neck and started choking it out.

Next thing i know it's flinging me around while im holding it, really powerful dog, and still chewing on my dog and that's when i just switched on and got up and pinned it in such a position that it couldn't swing around, had to let go of my dog or pass out and instead decided to turn it's attentions to my face.

Eventually the dog weakened and i held it firm for about 5mins until the owners came, heart pounding like mad, hoping i'd not actually hurting this dog (crazy dog lover).

Body is aching like a bitch today but i think all those deadlifts and weighted chins allowed me to do this, there's no way your average guy is strong enough to wrestle a dog this big and actually win. So glad it couldn't grab onto me, then i would've been fucked.

End of a kinda boast, it's one to tell the grand kids, i hope someone filmed it.


Didn't a little kid use bjj to hold a choke on a pitbull?


cool story, bro


Dude you should have put that dog in a rear naked choke..


Haha that's exactly what i did, guess it looked pretty comical thinking about it now.


Stop drinking your bath water.


You in the US? Im in the UK were staffies are quite common. What colour is it?


Thats a big dog to submit. Good job.

P.S. Yell at the owners for their lack of control.


I get your avatar now. I never put your name and your av together. See what some sweet tea and vodka will do, make a genius out of a po man.


you must be one strong dude cuz mastiffs are big ass strong dogs.
great story. thanks for sharing. hope your dog is ok.


Best part of the story:
"no way your average guy is strong enough to wrestle a dog this big and win"


No im from the uk and it was a beautiful white dog, just crazy around other dogs. I've spoken to the guy this morning and he was actually pretty cool about it, paid for my clothes that were ripped and i told him id leave it at that. Just told him he needs to be more responsible as if that was a kid or another unlucky dog owner it could have been so much worse. Glad my ex had hold of my staffy cos it flipped and it would have been a free for all.

Yeah staffies are way too common, neglected and makeup the largest number of stray pedigrees and abandoned dogs in kennels.

Funniest thing about the incident was there was mastiff pup running round too with this mad dog and while i pinned it down the pup was licking my face lol

Im pretty strong for my size in the real world but compared to most guys on here, not even close. Think my weighted chins(upto 50kg) gave me enough strength to squeeze that dog hard enough but even at approx half my body weight it still flung me around like nothing at times. I've got shredded elbows and knees for my troubles.

Well i had to get my ego in there somewhere lol


Protip I learned from some samoans (who all hate dogs apparently): bring your fist down on the back of its skull, sometimes it's an immediate deathblow, other times it'll just disorient them enough


Next time, try some rum in that concoction and you might wind up in Mensa


Must have been the mastiff side, not the boxer side. Either that or a shitty owner.


how strong are you?




Haha, reminds me of a story my friend told me when he was in South America.

He walked back home from a club in Brazil I think (it was a 15 mile+ walk) and at one point he passed through a dodgy neighbourhood. He got surrounded by about 15 stray dogs, all growling at him.

His thoughts were, "Alright James, you're going to die here...", lol.

Keep in mind this guy is tall, but very skinny.

He proceeded to pick out the pack leader and gave the dog a skull punch with all he could. The dog dropped (German Sheppard I believe), yelped and ran away - and so did the rest of the dogs.

Now he brags about it like king dick, lol.


I fixed it for you.


haha I was thinking of the same thing "walk was 1.5 clicks" there must have been three dogs, etc..