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I Finally Pulled 700lbs!




You’re going to get your post removed for saying that, corstijeir.


Nice job! That’s a huge barrier to cross.


Fantastic pull. Congrats!


Awesome! Your hard work really paid off


Congratulations on hitting 700!!!


Thanks so much guys! Really glad to have that one behind me now!


Wow amazing job! ! Congratulations!



nice job, gotta get that 700 squat now


Thanks guys, and the squat is only 20 lbs behind, it is going to catch…and pass my deadlift very soon…


Looks like there were a few more lbs in there too, so good.


Awesome i remember the first 405,495,585, felt awesome afterwards, i like you’re gym, stones, tires, kegs,glute ham, power racks all the essential tools. I am bothered i did not see a pec deck directly in front of mirror though. Good lift, i like you next goal 701 more people need to think that way as far as goals.


Thanks guys, i really appreciate it!


Dammm!!!... Congrats Bro! For how long are you training? Are you natural? Sorry new here…


OMG. Killer pull. Sorry about your back. I’m still struggling for 405, but 7 plates is my ultimate goal!!!


Wow. Congrats dude.


Congrats dude! That’s an amazing achievement :smiley:


I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for months now. I never knew that you were Alpha on here. My mind has been virtually blown.


Congrats dude, alpha male here :slight_smile:


Congrats. That’s a hell of a landmark