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I Finally Look Like Brad Pitt from Fight Club.


I remember thinking, how at one point, everyone wanted to look like Tyler Durden...

And how people didn't want to get huge. Just ripped - like Brad Pitt from Fight Club and that is how all the women want the male body to look like.

So I set out, as my new project, to see how hard that is.

Conclusion: Everyone wants to look like Tyler Durden, but nobody want's to lift gay weights (and eat no carbs).

More of my brad pitt body obsession on:



I think you got the eyes "wong".


didn't train the eyes, sorry. I wasn't going for the face. It's too hard. That's like trying lift like Kobe or Dave Tate , instead of just opt out and get the corn row or shave your head


Brad Pitt looks better, sorry.


it's ok.


^it may be the tan


Frankie looks better.

I can't believe I just said that./homo


This is the best meme I could find. not very good.


You should make a art film about it.


Im impressed I think its spot on


i just made one where I sprinted like Tom Cruise. I think I'll give the celebrity theme a rest now.


thanks :slight_smile:

when i wanted to look like Bruce Lee years back it didn't work out that well.


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Now that is ironic.


But I always thought the Asian ones were slanted.


LOOOL yes. I tried to lose 20 pounds of muscles to get the Bruce Lee look. I almost died at the end before I gave up.


Well....that is....certainly an accomplishment?

Are you mad popular with the ladies now?


you need a serious tan and then you'd be right there. Not really my look but good on you.


i had been before I set out to do this a month ago man. 130 girls in 14 months, accomplished my goal for the previous, previous project. Ok i think Ive bragged enough about this. bye.