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I Finally Have My T... Hallelujah!


Wanted to share my success story!

I had TT levels of 218, 242 and rock bottom 104 all in the past week. One endocronologist would not give me any T with the 200 levels, saying they were low but not low enough! (Trust me, that's low), and then when the 104 reading came back from the blood lab he said he'd give me "low doses" of T.

He didn't know but by then I was fed up with him and seeing another endocronologist who gave me my first ever shot of T the second he read my blood work I brought in. This doctor is amazing. He's got me on a shot every two weeks with regular blood work until we get the levels right.

I got the shot, went home and slept, and now I feel like a million bucks only two days later!!!

I am 33 and ever since the age of 19, even when I was in the Marine Corps, I have felt like crap, getting worse each year. Doctors couldn't figure it out. I have slep apnea, am treated for anxiety, gain weight only around the middle and was constantly exhausted. Not anymore! I am a new man! Get T if you need it and aren't getting it yet. Anyone in the Seattle area looking for a phenominal endocronlogist who is changing my life, let me know.


Looking back that looks like an advertisement for a endocronlogist or something. Sorry, don't ask the dr's name then, that's fine. I only wanna share with you...Don't give up.. My life was starting to suck bad and I couldn't figure it out and I pretty much self diagnosed myself with the low T after reading a lot on this website and others. Keep trying and you'll find a doctor that can work for you.


Read the stickies! They are at the top of the forum.

If your doc has you on a shot every two weeks, you are going to crash. You'll feel great for a few days, then bad like before you started for a week and a half. It's a nasty rollercoaster that will end up having your levels all over the place. You need to be dosing T at least two times a week, if not EOD. Same dosage, just divided up. You also need hcg if you value your testes, or producing offspring. The exogenous T will shut you down. Also, an AI to combat the increase in E2 that is coming.


Not everyone needs AI or HCG, at least not at first. If your bodyfat percentage is not over 20% or so you may not need AI at all. Not everyone needs to inject EOD. Some do fine on 100 mg/week IM. Not everyone who gets 200 mg crashes after 2-3 days -- my sense is that 8-10 days is more common, though I have met a couple of people who swear they do fine on the every-2-wks thing. Docs favor the 200-mg-every-2-weeks routine because that's what the FDA-approved package insert recommends, not for any good reason derived from experience. Best approach is to negotiate your doc's okay to self-inject at home, then fine-tune the schedule on your own, paying attention to how you feel and bloodwork as appropriate. In most states you can buy syringes and needles without a prescription, and if not they are easily and inexpensively available online, so self-injecting more often is not something that requires action on the part of your doc.

Your doc is clueful enough to be doing regular bloodwork, that's a good thing. Ask to have bloodwork done immediately BEFORE your next injection, so you (and more importantly, he) can see where you really are on day 14. Always get a copy of the results for your records -- they can be useful if problems show up down the road. Post them here if you'd like feedback.


But you you still need to be aware of the T+AI+hCG issues and the downsides of doing nothing. Stickies need to be read.


Will do, I will read the stickies, thanks for the advice...I am on day 5 now and starting to come down from my good feeling. Still feel better than before the shot but not as good. Thanks again.


my doc has no trouble giving me T., but won't give hcg or Al. , so i'm afraid to take the T., where do i go from here?


Can you PM information on doc