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I Finally Got the Balls to Post


O well, I know it ain't much, but I feel good about it. It was the work of 1.5 years of SERIOUS training. I just hope to god I get a 4 or a 5, that would be awesome, but please be honest. I know I need to lean out and that would boost me 1.5 - 2 points, but I am FAR from done gaining some mass. I don't cut in the summer nor am I worried about it. I just intend to reach my goals by age 27-28. Just rate me honestly :).

P.S. (Really bad grunting face, thats why it is blocked)


is your avatar your before pic?

Anyways you look alright obv people are going to want to see back and legs, which you could be lacking badly.

Their is really no NEED to post picture unless you want feedback, not everyone here has to post in order to be accepted lol.

You are really lacking in the core-abs- your relatively lean yet have little to no definition their. Biceps need work also I can't see much of anything on them.

Chest looks 'ok' you should lift bit heavier you have definition yet no size, that will bring up shoulders also.

I would not worry about leaning out right now you should just focus on gain muscle right now. Also who cares about rating, why does it matter if you get a 5?-I gave you 3-


I doubt I am pretty lean, I got (I wanna say a good estimated guess) 16% body fat, MAYBE, just maybe, I got 14%. The reason for my lack of size is that I was always using high weights for my lifts, I was a REALLY skinny kid and I just got fat during high school. I only been lifting seriously for the past year and a half and just recently changed my workout scheme to include high reps to build mass. I hope to make some serious gains in the upcoming year, hopefully 13-16 lbs of muscle. Regardless, I am just giving it my all before I throw up, I hope that does the trick :wink:.

FYI: My bench went up 50 lbs from my before pic, but not much size increase. 200lbs - 250lbs

Another FYI: This was my sister's camera that I eventually got a hold of, didn't take a back pic, but I do think my lats are lacking a bit, I won't lie. My legs are in decent shape, I just recently fixed my squat (from 90 to ATG) so I should see some serious improvement there.


How about you post your routine? Your young diet wont be too serious just make sure you eating good foods, but if your routine is shit you might not be making the progress you could be.


My routine can be found here: I just started it two weeks ago, before that I was doing a few of Chad Waterbury's workouts. I am just trying to pack myself full of good food at the moment.


Abandoned that routine for reasons being I would need to be on AAS to get results... Back to CW's workout routine.


looking ok so far. Keep building strength on the bog 3 lifts and eating clean 90% of the time

Best of luck


has ur profile been updated recently it says u are 5'8" 204lbs... from the looks of ur picture i can't imagine that is correct


That picture was when I weighted 200. I don't have a camera and my sister always has it with her. I would take another picture, but I don't have the camera D:!


204, really? you look like you weigh 165. As said before your physique is lacking in size but some hard lifting and good nutrition should fix that. Stay dedicated and you'll succeed!


Unless my scale is lying to me, I will see if I can borrow that camera :...


ur back must be extremely thick..or you must have huge legs..

but umm..it looks like you have made decent progress..

its good that ur not concerned about the way ur abs look..cause only then can you make real progress lol


As an aside.. why did you black out your face on this picture, yet leave it for all to see in your avatar?



he explained in his original post if you read it


I have to say, as his best friend, his sister is pretty damn hot. ;d


Bastard! She obviously has down syndrome and three penises.


Thewannabe, does your sister actually have Downs Syndrome? If not, with all due respect, my younger sister does...and as much as it is hilarious to use it as a derogatory term to others, it still annoys me massively when I hear it. Apologies for bringing the tone down...but it's a real pet hate of mine.


Sorry there, didn't mean to offend anyone with down syndrome, was just trying to discredit my best friend. No, she doesn't have down syndrome, sorry to offend buddy.


No worries bud, apology accepted. Good progress so far with the training, keep it up and you'll reach your goals.


pictures please.


I doubt you're 5'8 and 204lbs. I just weighed myself last night, 5'9 and 203 lbs, and my arms are 18". Maybe you were reading Grams? -lol

Seriously, I wouldnt put you over 160 if that