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I finally coughed up the $ for a....

Vita-Mix blender. A Vita-Prep model. And baby, is it awesome! Well worth the nearly 400$ I forked over for it.

If you remember though, I had a thread last year about finding a good blender. I had went through probably 5 blenders in two years. I even managed to tear up Kitchen-Aid and Waring models. Ironically, I spent the same ammount of money on replacement blenders that I just spent on the Vita-Mix.

I just figured I would mention this if there are others out there, like me, with a nasty Grow! habit, always mixing it as thick as humanly possible. It is well worth the money: the real deal.

Thanks to those who suggested Vita-Mix.

Must be nice to have $400, period. :slight_smile:

Once again, glory be to God. And Dad. :wink:

You broke how many blenders? Dude, you’re not supposed to mix small animals with your Grow!. Frozen berries are a much better choice.

My cheap Proctor Silex is on its last legs. It was a good 11 months, though. We shared many a laugh… and shake.

What makes the Vita-mix blender so expensive? I know that I go through 2 blenders a year and it’s the more expensive brands like Kitchen aid.

I just wanna know how a PK can afford a 350Z and a $400 blender!?!?!??


I just wanna know how a PK can afford a 350Z and a $400 blender!?!?!??

A PK???

Like I said though, God has blessed me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, to the others: what makes the Vita-Mix so darn expensive is that they are made of some super, high quality stuff. The thick plastic container looks unbreakable; it has a 2+ horsepower motor. Yes, that’s right, 2hp. The base on the thing is freakin huge too! I also noticed the other day, while at the Smoothie King, that they too use these exact same blenders. Also, I never even have to use the high setting. If I did, I could probably drop some gravel in there and get a high fiber shake. :wink:

Aren’t you a Preacher’s Kid (aka “PK”)?

Tone doesn’t always translate to the written word, so just to clarify, I was/am just kidding around. :wink:

Although, you don’t seem like a typical PK. Most of the PKs I have known were the opposite of their parents (ie super, super wild). Maybe you parents are supper, super wild and you are the opposite of them! They don’t do any snake handling or anything like that do they? :wink:

Scott, oh, that’s what you mean.

Yes, I am indeed then a PK.

No offense taken my friend.

And yes, I understand that it seems 90% of all preacher’s kids are sluts, drunks, or jerks. A strange phenomenon, really.

How’s things going up in Cinci? You still taking good care of your Z?

Oh, and no, we be no snake handla’s!

We just keep it conservative and worship the testicle God of Jupiter.


Things are going good. Taking care of the Z…although I have two cracked front splash guards…you can’t really tell, unless you run your hand along the bottom side. 4 replacements are $100 so I guess that is not too bad.

I was down is Louisville a few months ago for a meeting (work). I was looking for a Silverstone, but I did not see one.

BTW did you get The Run DVD yet? Makes me wanna jump in the car as speed around!

The Run DVD? Nope, but I have seen it. Very cool.

Have you seen the pics of the roadster due out next Spring? Wow.

Nissan says they’re going to jack the prices up to around 38-40$ though! Won’t be too affordable then!

I also saw a white one about two weeks ago. I must say, that’s the only other color that I envy.

 Here I am trying to squeeze my grocery bill for the week at under 30 bucks, and out you come prancing around with your newfound toy.

 Anybody else have childhood flashbacks of the rich kids prancing around with their new toy while you had to wait for your birthday to *maybe* get some fuckin crayons?

 Damn those rich kids.


 Enjoy your new best friend!

Sorry deez. I just couldn’t contain my joy. :slight_smile:

Pooh, if you register at z.com, they will send you “The Run” DVD and a coffee mug for free.

Is that 400 bucks American? It better clean itself for that price. :slight_smile: