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I Feel the Love


man there is so much love in this room .
All conservative minds rock :). One whole page of guy yanking each other's dick , how exciting :slight_smile:


I know there is only one truth




Bottoms, fish sticks, bananas.



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Do you need a hug Pitbull?


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Stop smoking that shag weed my dude.


oh the virtue of a truly conservative board , I am in awe





Have you bothered to closely read any threads lately? They are full of vehement debate.


You'll be pleased to hear I've given up my conservative ways pit. Now I'm a nihilist just like you.


funny shit , you claim that some one that is prig :slightly_smiling: claiming I am negating meaningful aspects of my life . It just gets better and better


I was actually being serious pit. I really have given up my traditionalist ways. I'm with you brother.


Personally I think we have always agreed on more than disagreed on. There some issues

What constitutes when a fetus becomes a person , That a Palestinian life has as much value as an Israeli, The Tax Code hugely favors the rich, Unions were and are imperative for a viable middle class . You think the Poor are waging the class warfare while I think it is the rich.

maybe a couple other issues we disagree on but the majority of things , I would say we agree on :slightly_smiling:


I have always thought we agreed on more than disagreed on.

Other than when a fetus becomes a person , that a Palestinian's life has the same value that an Israeli's life , The Tax code hugely favors the wealthy, that it is the wealthy that is waging the class war, that unions were and are crucial for a thriving middle class and probably several more . But we probably agree on more than we disagree .

I hope you drop your prudish way , it can only lead to a more balanced life . I think that must be what you mean :slightly_smiling:


This is bullshit. Nothing I've ever said could be interpreted to mean I believe Palestinians' lives are worth less than anyone else's. In fact it's your posting record that would seem to indicate you believe some people are more important than others. I stand up for what I believe is righteous. As well as Israelis, I am also a strong supporter of the Kurds - I believe in the righteousness of their cause and recognise their plight. When have you ever expressed support for the Iraqis being massacred or anyone else for that matter?