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I Feel Sorry for Obama


I feel sorry for Obama becuase he's still got to fight the innate racism of Americans. I mean, did you see his first speech, when he got made President and they put all that bulletproof glass up in front of him? I think that shows you how racist America still is. Just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to shoot anybody.


History says he will.

Bill Clinton was our only other black president and he shot an innocent woman in the face.


Innocent of what?


actually i heard he shot her mostly in the mouth


In college i was sitting in a history class around the time Obama had gotten inaugurated. History teach said Obama will most likely have body doubles for extra protection from any type of assassination attempt. "You know, like Saddam, they will look exactly like him" This prompted a black girl in class to raise her hand and ask very curiously with extreme excitement "WAIT OBAMA GOT CLONED?" Random but it still makes me chuckle. IN fact I burst out laughing in class....though nobody else did...maybe i was in the wrong school.


Old jokes are old.

That clone story is golden though.


News that Obama won the election is finally reaching New Zealand huh?


I mean that was sorta funny after he won.. all those years ago. Making a thread for it.. really?


It somehow got there. I blame the prevailing currents for the bottle that delivered the news to that country of sheep fuckers.


So how bout that internet?




The yanks killed 'em in the raid stupid! Well done Bush!


Well done with ripping off a three year old joke.



Yes, those brave messenger pigeons have finally completed their arduous journey.


Are you pommy cunts still bitter we left you?


I may live in England, but I'm not a pommy. I thought my Avi might give that away.
Why you getting upset? It is a three year old joke... What did you expect? A load of posts congratulating you on your originality?




If you feel so bad please invite him to NZ for an extended stay


I see what you did there