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I Feel My Best on Trough Days

Hi guys, been on TRT for over 1 year now, took me quite some time to get dialled in due to adex usage with bad info.

Current protocol is

50mg Test E twice per week split 3.5 days.

This puts me at the very top of total T range and also slighty above free T range.

I’ve noticed I always seem my best on trough days, positive, lots of energy.

Then when I jab, the following morning I feel tired and kinda flat, sometimes iritiable.

I’ve dropped the dosage down from 50mg to 40mg per shot but there hasn’t been an improvement.

What do you think could be going on?

I’m getting bloods done Friday before my next jab

My previous bloods from November are -
SHBG was 22.7 nmol/L (18.3 - 54.4)
E2 was 29 ng/ml
Total T was 27.6 ( 8.6 - 29)
Free T was 0.742 ( 0.2 - 0.62)

As these are trough levels do you think my peaks could be too high?

You must wait 6 weeks after dosing changes for levels to reach a stable state, during these first 6 weeks levels will be in flux as the half lives build up in your system forcing your body to adapt.

You may even feel a return of low-T symptoms on and off until after 6 weeks.

I believe they are too high for you or maybe your body doesn’t like these moderate dosages every 3.5 days. If you don’t feel good by 8 weeks you might try to inject smaller doses more frequently.

As a start it looks like you need more frequent injections

How often do you reckon? Every other day?

Thank for your help.
I switched the dosage around 5 weeks ago I’d say and still feel the same, will give it a few more weeks and re assess.

Do you think every other day is needed?
Any way to increase my SHBG

Every day and wouldnt try anything less

Can I ask why you think this?
Just so I can better understand.

Just wondering because even tho my SHGB is low, it seems I’m not hyper excreting the test as I still have high levels on trough.
Would each day make it so I have a constant level around top of range rather than spiking well above and then back down?


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Yes of course. The more frequent you inject the more stable levels you will have

Continue with the every 3 days things for now and reassess at the lower dose of 40mg/shot.

Daily injections isn’t for everyone and should be a last resort. This board is littered with that concept and many, if not the majority of men inject once a week or maybe twice.

The spikes will be minimal the more frequent you inject, it just so happens my body doesn’t respond to TRT very well the bigger these peaks and valleys between injections, others need these big swings to feel good on TRT.

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