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I Feel My Arms Are Lagging


I'm currently happy with my programme, but I feel my arms are lagging mainly because I stuck to the advice of doing big compound lifts and avoiding any isolation work. I now realise this is a bit dumb.

So, I want to add in some extra work. I workout 3-4 times a week. My plan is to do (every workout):

4 sets of 7 pullups
4 sets of 7 bicep isolation machine
4 sets of 10 dips

I just want to do them when I feel like it, i.e. 1 set of pullups when I walk past the bar and then another set later (same with dips etc..).

I feel that these muscle group recover much faster than any other so I think I can deal with the extra volume. I very rarely feel any aching after my workouts.

What do you think?

I already do direct bicep and tricep workout on the same day as my back day and my shoulder day. Basically what I meant was, would it be counter productive to do extra arm work every day if I can deal with the recovery?


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Why not do 5-8 sets of curls at the end of your back day, and 5-8 sets for tri's at the end of chest or shoulders day?


I already do direct bicep and tricep workout on the same day as my back day and my shoulder day. Basically what I meant was, would it be counter productive to do extra arm work every day if I can deal with the recovery?




it should help.


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OP -

So you think your biceps are lagging because you focused on compound movements instead of isolating the muscles, and yet still you choose pull ups as an exercise selection to help improve your biceps?

And what's this about you just want to do them when you feel like it ?... Are your really interested in bringing up that body part?.. If so you need to do more than just do it when you feel like it.. You need to make it a priority.

Whether or not it's counterproductive i believe is based not so much on the frequency, but the intensity and the volume. Sure you could work you arms everyday, but don't try to murder them.

How about just giving arms a day of its own along with the days you already work them?


Thanks, that's the kind of response I was looking for.

I should really stop asking beginner questions in the beginner forum. I must have got confused being English and all.


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Definitely incorporate pull-ups in your workouts. I wouldn't consider them an isolation exercise, just a good exercise to be doing.

Is there a reason you're going for machine bicep work over free weights?


He's asking this on the beginner's forum, because he knows he's a beginner. Giving him a hard time about it isn't going to help him get much smarter. If the beginner's forum makes you cringe so badly, go spend your time with the big boys.

If you're going to criticise him, at least give him some advice too.

OP, Bonez gave some useful biceps info here: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/bigger_biceps


Great exercise, but not a biceps move.

Yes. Not quite sure why you choose 4x7, but whatever works best for you is what you need to use.

Another great exercise, but again, if you're looking to build triceps, stick to isolation work.

If you really want to work on your arms, work them twice a week. Really. Maybe something like:


Edit: What does your arm work consist of right now? Exercise/weight/sets/reps would be helpful.


I disagree with this completely. Isolation exercises are needed but if someone wants big triceps they better not be doing 3 separate triceps isolation movements. Big triceps without a heavy close grip press are goig to be hard to come by.


I stand corrected, but I will say that I'm very much in favor of doing half-rep CGBP from a dead stop. I have crappy leverages for doing heavy full-rep CGBP, and doing only the top half of the movement allows me to go heavier and hit the triceps harder.

So, when I think of CGBP, I tend to categorize it more as isolation than compound.


Even if you do the top half or bottom half or middle whatever. Your elbows and shoulder joints are both moving. It's compound no matter what. Compound and isolation describe joints involved, not how directly a muscle gets targeted.





You're right.

I just tend to think more in terms of efficacy than technicality. I mean, someone could argue that seated curls are compound if you raise your elbow at the end of the movement to intensify the contraction.

In any case, I didn't mean to steer the OP wrong.