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I feel like im DYING

Well sort of anyway. Its been almost a year and these digestion problems that have been hampering me have all but taken my life. Its so hard watching my body fall apart, I have lost 10 yrs of hard earned muscle turn into skinny , sag and flab. The hardest part is I spent so much of my time training and eating and preparing food bringing it with me etc etc. That I feel so down not able to train, and be active if I wasnt working out I would box, or kickbox, sprint , run mountain bike, now 1 meal a day or less I can barely do anything (It hurts). I can barely digest 1 meal a day food it feels like it rots in my stomach pressure in my large and small intestines. I have wiped out my savings seeing doctors, and naturalpaths. Gastros laugh and say im fine because my bloodwork is alright. Holistic doctors put me on quacked out green juice diets, colonics and fasts that temporary relieve some bloating (forget about triaining nutrition). No amount of enzymes, HCL, glutamine, acidopholis, vitamins have helped me. My hair is thinining im pale with baggy eyes and it looks like I have aged 6 years in only one. to top that off my Girlfriend left me and said that she is not attracted to me anymore and cant deal with my problems. Fats are the worst to digest like flax, and fish oils, next is meats all kinds and eggs. it just bloats and rots. I now my metabolism has taken a dive most the time I eat less than 600 cal a day, but since digestion is so poor it keeps me fat to. The latest is that I have an overgrowth of CANDIDA, in my intestines and possible parasites based on reactant urine tests… so this so called expert named biamonte (health-truth.com) recommended all these supplements to kill of things (acidopholis wont blossom if candida is present I ve tried all kinds. I dont know whats right or not all I know is my life is miserable dealing with this is like I?m slowly dying drip by drip. No one has been able to help me, or has ever deltt with anyhing like this, just alot of treading water and I dont know where else to turn. Im an old school T-man, I remember when tribex and ribose C came out, and my first issue workout was the luke sauder calf routine. Word of advice dont take for granite even bad training, what I wouldnt give to just be in the worst shape of my training career for the rest of my life compared to what I look like now. Once again if anybody can help please respond. If I had a million dollars I would drop it all for a remedy, thats how important it is to me. thanks for listening. Or if you have any experience not being able to train and seeing your body fall apart please give me some inspiration because things are really tough right now.

You might want to goto a hospital and talk to a registered dietician about this.

Hey, it sounds like you’re going through some tough times. There must be something medically wrong with you. It’s surprising that no one has figured that out yet. You said your blood work is fine, but have you had an endoscopy and colonoscopy? It sounds like that should probably be done to see what’s going on in your GI tract. I don’t know where you live (If you tell me, I may be able to offer some more specific help, i.e. what medical center to go to), but you need to go to a large, academic medical center, preferrably one affiliated with a medical school. Again, if you tell me where you live maybe I can recommend a place. Once there, you should be evaluated from scratch by a good gastroenterologist. I am sure that at the very least that would get you on the right path to finding out what’s wrong and what your treatment options might be. Good luck!!

See another doc. If you’re deteriorating that obviously there has to be a cause. Maybe the last guy you saw was in the bottom of his class…you know half of the doctors were.

Brother, hang in there. I would suggest that you buy some of those ph strips from the store. Test your ph levels. Do whatever it takes to make sure your ph level is 7.36. See if that makes a difference. John Berardi recently wrote an article on this same topic.

Go to a doctor, for goodness sake. And keep going until you get answers.

that almost brought a tear to my eye. I wish I could help you out dude. =( Good luck in finding a cure and getting healthy, don’t ever give up.

Do some searches on the following alternatives:

A) Olive Leaf Extract. I have never seen such a potent bad guy killer.

B) Ionic Silver. That too. Although A) works better for me.

C) MSM. It helps cell porosity. Even helps diabetics lower their insulin. And it is really not expensive.

D) Check out for possible adrenal burnout, fibromyalgia (guaifenesin treatment), and multiple sclerosis (far fetched, but a guy did some research and has 30+ years of tracking degeneration of neural tissues – one of the big culprits is, you gessed it, fats. He did a fascinating and most complete job. Worth reading for anybody who thinks that fat can do more damage than one normally hears about.

Hope this helps. Just my 2 cents.

The advice about seeing other doctors is right on the money. Even if it screws up your finances. Just try to search for the best ones out there.

You may need to temporarily avoid the foods that upset you, and eat only what seems to have the least affect on you. I would recommend getting some Pedialyte. At least for the meantime. It might help a little, and couldn’t hurt.

I have heard of people getting on medical discussion boards, listing their medical problems, and getting responses from people who recognize the ailment. You might need to get onto a few different boards, and research some of the responses you get. At least it would give a direction for the doctors to go in. We expect the doctors to know everything, but unfortunately that too often turns out not to be the case. (Just ask them about protein.)

The most successful medical cases are where the patient takes charge. Even if it annoys the doctors.

That shit sucks straight up. Although I haven’t experienced exactly what you’re saying, but during '02 my body was pretty much completely fucked from New Years to New Years. This included Dr.'s for months, Emergency Rooms, recovery, and relapses. Near the end of '02 I started compiling multiple injuries on top off unidentifiable maladies until I was unable to do much but pop Vicadin in my Lazy-boy, eat protein powder, and dream of the next time I could press some incline overhead dumbells. Now what you’re describing sounds like it very well may be more permanent than my situation, but I thought I’d tell you what helped me through all that shit. I got really pissed. I fucking hate being injured, out of the game. My “Fuck this shit” attitude reached new heights, but also my attention to nutrition and removing all toxins from my diet. So that there it is, get fucking pissed and don’t stop fighting. As an aside, people close to me with unidentifiable debilitating physical ailments have found some help with the Homeopathic route. Those Dr.'s do some crazy shit but they seem get results when Western medicine is at a loss. Finally, good luck bro, I can only remember how shitty that was which is lot easier than living through it presently.

If your problem is digestion, get ahold of some Wobenzyme and take it with meals. It’s the best digestive enzyme you can buy, and it’s not all THAT expensive compared to running tests and all the other stuff. Also, it’s a German product, so if you’re in America most docs probably won’t have heard of it.

Good luck.

Okay, a maybe inspirational story for you. I know an older gentleman who, about 2 years ago, contracted AARDS (adult onset respiratiory distress syndrome – basically, the lungs turn to leather). It was bad enough that the doctors induced coma, where he remained for 4 months, and told the family three times that they held no hope, and that the life-support should be disconnected. The family refused and called in the best they knew – a spiritual leader who could lead large-scale coroporate prayer. Well, they could track EXACTLY when that happened, as all the medical indicators increased by over 40%. The entire hospital staff was bringing people by during his recovery to meet “the miracle man.” That man is now walking and public speaking today, still not quite to where he was before the disease hit him (he’s in his upper 60s), but he has regained about 90% of his vitality and muscle mass.

So no, I dont think that what’s happened to you is totally permanent. Once you regain your digestive integrity, and I’m sure you will, you’ll be able to regain your losses.

In the mean time, you’re in my prayers.

You’re defenitly going through a rough time and the only thing I can do is quote nietzsche “what does not kill you makes you stronger” I guess you’ll be strong as hell after that.<
But, i’m just curious… what kind of sport supplement or AAS have you taken over your training years. Not that this would be the cause of all your problems but it could explain some. Just hypothesizing (if thats a word)
get well and keep fighting.

Oh yeah <
You should defenitly try some accuponture and homeopathic shit …in some case (like yours)taht modern science cant explain these techniques have had good results

Thanks for the replies. After so many trips to medical doctors I have lost faith completely in any Doc that is not a surgeon. They just dont understand anything they cant give you a prescription for or read in bloodwork. But on the flip side naturalopaths think they have the answer to everything. From the few who have been helpfull they say that my adrenals are drained, but that cant be fixed until pathogens and possible parasites are removed. Has anybody ever had a parasite. This doc said that candida and parasites were the main cause of malabsorption. I cant eat carbs cause it feeds the candida, Protein putrifys and feeds the parasites, fats just are the worst they feel very rancid in my gut.This leaves me so weak with nothing to eat I eat some green juices but that is actually pretty hard on my stomach. What other types of fiber besides psyllium and whats in jarrow gentle fibers works well. Those to seem to back me up worse. I live in SO CAL LA if anyone knows any good docs. Its nice to have some response understanding the pain from not working out and see your muscles disapear. To anyone that is frusturated with your progress I sure know how anal I was, stop for a second and just be happy that you can lift. I wish I was in my previously worst shape.

Judd, if you live in LA you’ve got access to the UCLA Medical Center. They just happen to be ranked the #7 medical center in the world for the treatment of digestive diseases (that’s a VERY high ranking). So it sounds like you’re in luck. Here’s the phone number for finding a specialist at their med center (I got it from their website): 1-800-UCLA-MD1.

Damn man, I really feel for you. I think treating the adrenals would be key for you. And although most of us guys never want to admit it, the mind is connected to the body. My brother had stomach problems for two decades and they never found anything wrong. When he finally addressed his subconscious and unconscious issues, he got better. This is difficult though, and I would not in any way recommend ever seeing a psychiatrist. A therapist would be a good first step, but in reality, most conventional therapists just suck. Check out information on Mercola.com that relates to EFT. I know it sounds crazy, but it has saved many lives, including my own. Best wishes

Sounds almost exactly like something a friend of mine went through. Turns out she was allergic to wheat gluten, which happens to be in just about everything. It’s a very rare allergy, but I think it would be worth checking into. The allergic reaction messed up her GI tract and she wasn’t able to digest much of anything because of this. Lost weight, felt sick, thought she was dying, etc.

A book called Heal Thy Self is pretty interesting on Digestion and overall health…Garden Of life products are used mostly. Pretty good feedback from alot of ppl.

It amazes me how few people have experienced anything like this. or know anyone who has. I guess ill give ucla a try but Im gonna get tested for parasites first. I hope that is the problem. I just dont know what to eat, I am constently full and bloated in the day nothing agrees with me.