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I Feel Like I'm Dying After 12 Months of TRT. Something Else Isn't Right

Indeed, but plenty of other TSH levels that are normal. I think there is a congenital condition that caused something to go wrong with my hypothalamus. Crazy sleep patterns, sweating, thermal dysregulation, mood disorders, hypothalamus is the master regulator and I’ve never been in homeostatis my entire life.

My sister had early closure of the skull when she was a baby, a protruded lower jaw, widely spaced teeth, bicornuate uterus…and I have widley spaced teeth, prodtruded lower jaw, large nose, endocrine issues.

Something is F’ed with the way my face formed and my hypothalamus is shrekt which caused endocrine issues. Kallmann syndrome and normosmic congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism are usually associated with midline facial defects. My sisters condition is associated with FGFR2 mutations, FGFR1 mutations in men produce Kallmann syndrome or ncHH. The fact we both have issues indicative of an FGFR mutation is pretty telling I think.

And I guess I’ve been looking for answers to remove the idiopathic, but my endocrinologist did diagnose me with normosmic idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which according to literature, is a rare disease.

" Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH) is a rare clinical disorder characterized by delayed or absent pubertal development (1). IHH has an incidence of 1-10 cases per 100,000 births and it is more common in males"

What a shitty genetic lottery hand to win.

I need to see evidence of this 4 minute mile whilst at school?!

If you could run that pace at such a young age, then burn out could be contributing towards your issues.


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Your e2 is too low

Coudnt read the whole thread but have you tried rising your total t to 1000-1200?

I have seen members with full blown hypothyroid between 2.5-4.0, in fact some lab companies have narrowed the ranges down to 2.5 based on the median value of <1.5. Don’t wait for your endo to get caught up in a world where medical knowledge is always evolving.

There is medical literature showing people with normal TSH and in range thyroid hormones responding well to thyroid treatment. There is thought to be thyroid hormone resistance at the cellular level requiring more thyroid hormone than usual.

There is also thyroid dysfunction which is hard to detect on laboratory testing. I think your previous TSH at 4.23 is the smoking gun.

I felt problems long before I started track and field and cross country. Insane sweating at 5-6 years old is the earliest I remember, then wetting the bed for years until I was like 12-13 (vasopressin issues?) and always feeling hot/temeprature dysregulation. Always thought I had a hypothalamus issue, but I know thyroid can cause temperature issues as well, but I’ve never seen hypothyroid+hyperhidrosis together.

Also to @systemlord what are the potential side effects of someone not hypothyroid taking thyroid medications?

Fast heart rates and anxiety are the most common complaints. Stopping the thyroid medicine will of course return things to baseline. The thyroid recovers very quickly when ceasing thyroid hormone.

For now don’t worry about elections bro. That will come. Got to get you right first.

You feel great? What about fatigue and etc

Yes, but that is not what I have claimed. Where I live it is normal to have a dozen coffees a day and there are many who take it before going to bed, but this does not change the pharmacological functioning of caffeine, which is biologically opposite to that which induces sleep, and it does not mean that these people are extraterrestrials who work in reverse, they simply are affected much less than other people. For this reason, expecting a person who ALREADY suffers from insomnia will not get worse with caffeine, or even being advised to abuse it based on a pyrotechnic theory of the unpredictability of the biological response, makes no logical sense, nor does it make sense to talk about hyper-generalization, distorting what I wrote.

I am not extraterrestrial, but it works in reverse on me. It’s called ADHD (Or ADD, depending), which is what is wife is.


I would do this like that, beacuse i suspect you may have low progesterone sides beacuse of trt (i am not on trt, never been, never try hcg. i just take clomid. it’s based on my knowledge):

1.check levels of insulin glucose progesterone estradiol testosterone cortisol prolactin - at once

2.try niacinamide (not niacin) and thaimine (vit b1) or progesterone or sth else what can raise your progesterone.

  1. if this wont help, consider change to hcg 250 iu ( i think regular protocol is m/w/f, doesn’t it?). if you think about clomid, consider it have side effects (like everything), but it can damage you eyevision, i think beacuse it stimulate pituitary to work, so pituitary is growing, and close to pituitary is eye nerve. I was on clomid but i have partially empty sella syndrome, so my pituitary is not as large like usually people have.

It’s not uncommon for stimulants to have the opposite affect on people with adhd. I don’t have a clue how it works but literally my wife can take Sudafed or coffee and go right to sleep, it calms her down for some reason. Same way something like adderal would have me awake for days but brings her down a few notches closer to “regular” people with the whole bouncing off the wall like a 3 year old thing. No clue why, but it isn’t uncommon.

Stimulants slow down hyperactivity because they increase activity in the structures that control behavior inhibition, this doesn’t mean that caffeine has an opposite effect on sleep itself, that is a very specific activity.

It does. Trust me. It revolves around dopamine production/uptake/reuptake, which lives in balance on an axis with serotonin. In my case, it is related to CYP2D6 protein and metabolism of things via it’s route. This includes creation of dopamine and transport. It’s pretty frickin’ complicated, I am discovering, but makes a lot of things weird. In my case, it means (And this is medically accepted and recognized by the FDA) that things like Haldol and Thorazine and Codeine literally have no effect whatsoever on my system. None. It depends on how your body does and does not process stuff.

I think this is interesting. Do people with ADHD or dopamine deficiency seek out stimulants to “calm” themselves down? Because I can drink lots of caffeine and feel calm, but what sticks out now is using copious amounts of dip, to calm me down. It keeps me balanced vs manic. Shit’s exhausting though. And as I type this, sweat pools on the keyboard, good ol hyperhidrosis. Wish my neurotransmitters worked. Maybe my hypothalamus is just F’ed.

Sort of. I have, according to medical professionals, self-medicated with caffeine for years. I VERY recently learned through genomic testing that my issue lies with CYP2D6 abnormalities (Which is roughly 25% of all medications by the way). I am figuring out, slowly, what to do about it besides what I have been doing instinctively. Many ADD people have serious addiction issues, especially with stimulants. If a line of coke makes you feel “Normal”, it’s pretty attractive as a self prescribed medicine in spite of the dangers.

Always take progesterone if it’s low. FYI it takes 4-6 months to build up in the system.

I would take micronized version from MedQuest if anyone wants to do it right.

@highpull @enackers

When you do a blood test to test is it good to check pregnenolone or progesterone?



There’s also a lc/ms test for progesterone

I do not check either of them.

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That was 10 months on TRT. Progesterone bottom level but I’ve heard mixed things on supplementing with it. I doubt I’m going to mess with it.