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I feel like FAT FUCK

I probably did not gain an inch of fat anywhere but I came off t-dawg after 6 weeks and I feel like a fat fuck. I used 36 hour carb ups every 10 days (wanted to stay in ketosis a little longer). I seen great results, dropped fat like crazy but now I am back to eating carbs (although they are limited) from healthy foods like fruits and vegiies, but I feel like I am bloated and disgusting. I want to go back on t-dawg for the rest of my life if I am goign to feel like this.

I am worried if I stay on low carb diets to long, I will begin to burn to much muscle. Anybody have any ideas on this? Anybody come off of low carb diets and feel like crap afterwards?

Yup! It usually takes me about 2-3 weeks to get out of that post low-carb runt. If I didn’t use EC during the diet then it’s more like 1-2 weeks.

I didna feel like crap, tho I was sleepy, and had insane cravings… anywho most likely this is all in your head… you aren’t a fat dood you are aight… if I were gay or a woman I’d do you right now.