I Feel I Have Made a Mistake with My Program Choice


I have recently purchased and started the high frequency muscle building program based on a suggestion from the staff at Thibarmy. As I look through the program and have started the first week I am quickly realizing this was a very poor choice for me and my goals and I should not have heeded the staff’s advice. I am a 2A according to neurotypes and this program has me dreading the next 12 weeks if I continue. In fact, I know I won’t as I need my training to motivate and de-stress the rest of my life. Also, I noticed a copy paste error in the PDF that I figured you would like corrected. It pertains to the Back and Bicep choice for the BB day in the first phase. The table is copied from the choice of Bis and Tris above it!



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Sorry about that. Send an email at info@ballisticmanagement.com, tell them that I sent you and select a new program. The problem is that 2As actually rarely can follow programs for a long time, especially the 2A “passionate” (a subtype). I’m like that myself and can’t follow a program.

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Thank you Christian. I really appreciate your quick response!

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What defines the passionate subtype? I find myself constantly taking deep dives into learning new topics, new practices/habits, podcasts, etc… I’m super into it at first and will spend hours on it, but then after about 2-3 weeks it doesn’t seem as interesting or exciting anymore.

Since I started competing in powerlfiting I’ve noticed I can stick to a program longer.