I Feel Great. Thank You to Everyone Here for Their Help

Normally people including me post here because they need help, or things are going wrong.
I’m posting to say I feel great.
I’m 48 and started TRT 2 months ago with help from people from this forum. I didn’t go to a doctor because doctors where I live are bad enough for normal medicine let alone something “esoteric” like this. I dd however get my blood work done and have the results analyzed here and I’ll do a follow up next month.
I’ve been taking 20mg of T propionate per day along with 50mg of DHEA. Yes daily injections suck but I think they are optimal.
My energy levels are much higher than they have been for the last few years.
I feel optimistic and happy, my general mood while always OK is definitely better.
I’m exercising more because I have more energy.
I think I may have a slight increase in muscle mass despite not lifting weights.
My libido is higher and my erectile dysfunction is cured. I used to be reliant on Viagra but now no longer need it.
Strangely my BPH (prostate) seems to have disappeared. I was on either Finasteride or an alpha blocker for two years and still had to stuff tissues down my pants due to constant leakage. I was irritated and irritable all the time because I just felt fucking uncomfortable. Someone here suggested I switch to Viagra to treat the BPH and after a month I’m completely asymptomatic. I thought I’d have this condition for the rest of my life after 2 terrible years.
I’m not sure why or how the BPH has been fixed. Perhaps increased blood flow from the Viagra did it, or perhaps it was the TRT or a combination of both. But it’s an amazing turn around and certainly isn’t some sort of placebo effect.
So if you’re struggling with TRT or wondering if it’s for you, my 2 cents is if you can get it right, it’s well worth the effort, I feel great!


Congrats on the life changing experience

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BPH was the original design for Cialis and Viagra.

Wow I wasn’t aware of that. I wonder why it didn’t take off as the standard medication for it. I guess everyone is different, but it’s been a life changing help to me.

Thank you. The main reason I’m posting is so hopefully people who have been hesitant will realize the “juice” is worth the squeeze.

Probably because some men would be walking around with boners all the time? Haha

I’m sure it’s more profitable to sell it as an ED med anyways

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Why did you decide to use propinate and who suggested you that?

Congrats by the way its good to read such stories

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I was reading posts where people said they felt better on propionate and cypionate wasn’t really doing much for them, so I decided to go straight onto proionate. Do you feel this is a poor decision?

@cog_dis I dont in fact I plan to start TRT but I want to asses how I will feel after the first 2-3 months when its still easy to stop. Some people here say they dont feel much themselves on TRT and dont like the experience and I I know they attempted restarts. I dont doubt the treatment but there are always exceptions. And I l know its easier to restart HPTA from propinate than cypionate.

On the other hand with daily injections in both cases I was with the impression the progressive doctors recommend cypionate due to the fact the half lives layer on top of each other.

If I know from daily on propinate will feel as good as daily on cypionate I prefer the first one. And anyway both of them are available only UGL in my country :slight_smile:

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A restart is a restart, from what is irrelevant. Prop is out of your system faster so you can start the PCT sooner, but that’s the only difference.

@hardartery I want to know how faster and how easier is the restart. The steroid users in the gym swear to me that it was very hard to recover from cypionate compared to .
My dealer says its because the brain perceives the one much longer in the system. But Im not sure where is the truth and where the bro science here

Shut down is shut down. It takes longer for the longer ester (Cypionate or Enanthate) to be out of your system, so you still have some endogynous test in you 3 weeks after your last shot. Test Prop has a very short half-life and is gone after a week or so. The restart doesn’t really work until the endogynous test leaves your system.That’s why a lot of guys take HCG for a few weeks post-cycle. They want production to smooth the drop in test but you won’t make LH until the endogynous is gone.
And your brain is not involved at all in the process. Your body knows what hormones are and are not floating around.

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@hardartery By endogenous you meant exogenous?

Yes, sorry.

@hardartery So the only difference in the restart will be the time the one is out of the system compared to the other? And the longer ester will not decrease the chance of a successful restart?

Man that’s great to hear! Congrats on figuring it out so quickly.

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You are correct sir.

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