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I Feel Good Tonight

Do to some depression issues I stopped drinking and nicotine use a couple years ago. I started excercizing last year, and started HRT a month or two ago.

I went into my old bar hangout , I used to go there for happy hour after work . I do not go there anymore.

Any way , I was at the YMCA working out tonight and I ordered some carry out from my old pub hangout. I went in to get my order, same old faces in there, just like I never left.

Anyway, at least a half a dozen people , includeing some women came up to me and said how good I looked and they missed seeing me. One of my old drinking buddies was in there and told 5 times how good I look.

 I have NEVER gotten this type of compliments till now. Feels  good and  energizes me to keep working out and   keep on the HRT.

thought I would  share  this story with you all 


That’s nice man keep going.

i feel better while i’m drinking. with a girl

You found a Doctor who gave you HRT? Nice.

And congrats.

Congratulations on bettering your life!

I love to hear stuff like that.