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Hey everyone,

I could post this anywhere, but I chose this forum since I frequent it the most. I have been doing S&C with Mike Robertson for a while now. Just so everyone is aware, Mike and Bill Hartman have opened a gym together in Indianapolis called Indianapolis Fitness and Sport Training (IFAST).

It is a great place where you can move towards your personal goals with two of the industry’s best. Mike has helped me fix some problems with my back and already improved my explosiveness quite a bit.

Bill has also worked with me some, and I assure you that his A.R.T. is perfomed very well. He has loosened up some very tight spots for me. Go to http://indianapolisfitnessandsportstraining.com/ for more information and if you live in the Indianapolis area, give them a shout out. It’s worth your time. Thanks!



Why did you top this?

It got zero replies for a reason.

Just trying to make sure guys get info, and to plug my friends. Easy tiger.