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I eat my Wheaties.


Hello all.

I am going to start logging PR's here.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for coming!

I'll start with these. My latest PR's.



245 looked much cleaner, but I got it up nonetheless.


Never give up.

For the record, I really do eat my Wheaties.


In my short time under the Layers program, my experience tells me you'll be making a lot of these posts.

PRs for days. Hell, I've had 3 a week for several consecutive weeks now. 325 high pull is brutal.


I don't know if I do what you'd call an actual "layers program". I would guess that CT would recommend following it properly or not following it all, and I do not follow it exactly the way he outlines. Some days are built like layers, but not everyday.

Thanks for posting and I hope you continue to follow!


Ah, I just figured since you seem to be slinging around the moves he recommends...

Anyway, good work.


Not sure how good of a rep this actually is.


Just finished up a great workout.

Warm up with the bar

Snatch Complex from above
- worked up to 205x1
- 185x2x2
- 135x4

3 sets of face pull/reverse crunch


Did not get enough sleep last night. It definitely showed today.

Warm up with the bar

Narrow Stance Box Squats to Parallel
- worked up to 405x1
- 315x3x5
- 225x3x5
- 135x3x5

Normally I would do a Widowmaker at the end, but damn I was tired.

Finished with some reverse crunch and face pulls. Only 2 sets of each and said fuck it.

Will either have BJJ tonight or do some explosive lifts with some assistance work.


My PM workout.

Warm up with the bar

Snatch Complex
- worked up to 215 - PR
- 185x2x2
- 135x2

Alt. curls
Alt. curls/alt. hammer curls
Alt. curls/alt. hammer curls/alt. pinwheel curls

Post Delts
Reverse fly
Reverse fly/reverse fly swings
Reverse fly/reverse fly swings/face pull

Great workout. I'll post a video of my PR later.


Morning workout. Was up till 10pm again so I was rather tired.

Farmer Carry
- 75's for 10 laps of 60 steps without straps
- 75's for 5 laps of 60 steps with straps
- 45 plate for 5 laps of 60 steps

BB Shrug/Pinwheel curl (heavy with straps on both)
3x10-20 each

Great workout. Can't wait for tonight.


From last night.


No session tonight. Just some SMR and light stretching. Maybe a hot bath. Pressing workout in the morning. Not sure what exactly I'll do. Either muscle snatches or push press/bench press continuous ramp. Maybe all 3. We'll see how I feel.


Warm up with bar/full ROM lateral raises

Push Press
- worked up to 235
- 185x3x5
- 135x15

DB OHP/lateral raise
DB OHP/lateral raise/pushdown

I have been doing a lot of hypertrophy work the past 10 days or so, more than I care to do (mostly fucking around with my new lifting buddy). I believe this to be the reason for my fatigue as of late. Am going to grind back down to the basics for the next 3 weeks or so (until my BJJ tournament - Oct 26). Nothing but Power Snatching, High Pulling, Push Pressing, Squatting, and Farmer Carries. BASICS BASICS BASICS. As you can maybe tell by now, I generally run a Push/Pull/Squat/Carry.

Tonight will be off as I have a Lion's meeting.

Power Snatch - 1RM
SGHP - back off sets - probably not many, this is where I tear calluses

Power Snatch - 1RM
Box Squat - 1RM
Box Squat - probably 6-9 back off sets

Power Snatch - 1RM
Farmer Carry - 15 laps with DB
Farmer Carry - 5 laps with 45# plate

Power Snatch - 1RM
Push Press - 1RM
Push Press - back off sets - probably like 6 sets

PM workouts will either be Complexes for 1RM+back off sets, OR BJJ practice.

This is what the remainder of this cycle will look like as well as the beginning of the next cycle. Stay tuned for more PR's.


Pull Day

Power Snatch (10 total sets)
- 95x3x3 (warm-up)
- 135x3x3 (warm-up)
- worked up to 195x1 (new straps made this difficult, very thick straps)

SGHP (19 total sets)
- worked up to 345x1 (fucking straps, excuses, excuses...)
- 315x5x3 (PR from 275x5x3)
- 225x3xF (something like 12/8/6, didn't really count, grip it and rip it)

Awesome workout. Weighed in at about 240 with clothes and shoes on. Tonight is BJJ. Tomorrow AM is Squat Day.


Just wanted to say your lifts and strength is impressive and inspiring. Especially the push press and SGHPs. I'm only working with about 145 for each of them right now.


Do you, Howie? Do you?


I appreciate the kind words my friend! It really feels good to know that you are finding inspiration in my logs and videos. If you ever need advice or tips, please let me know.

I certainly do. :slightly_smiling:


Okay, just finished up today's Squat Day.

Power Snatch (9 sets+several attempts at 215)
- 95x3x3 (warm-up)
- 135x3x3 (warm-up)
- worked up to 195 (increments of 20)
- missed 215 several times (some of the misses turned out to be really nice SGHP's)

Box Squat (14 sets)
- worked up to 415 (PR)
- worked up to 425 (PR, actually got stuck on the seat for about 3-4 seconds, very difficult rep but PR's aren't always pretty!)
- 315/325/335/345/355 x 5/4/3/2/1

Great workout, despite missing 215 several times in the Power Snatch. Yesterday was a very intense Pull Day so I'm not too worried about it.

Matched my PR of 405 with a really nice rep. Hit a 415 PR for another nice rep . Will post my sloppy 425 PR. I'm not generally an advocate of these types of reps or finding true maxes - I just got a little cocky today. Leave the ego at the door!!

Didn't do my Widowmaker (20 rep set) as I have BJJ practice in about an hour. I will try to get some footage of BJJ practice for ya'll.

On another note, I will start giving some insight to my diet in the new few days.

Thanks for stopping!