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I Drink Bottled Water!


...and proud of it!

in response to the NAIVE comment about bottled water.
I believe that the majority of bottled water is recycled tap water and that
is a rip off. BUT. there are a few reasons why I love one bottled water:

and I truly believe that alott of water has chlorine, mtbe, and other things in it. Honestly I just feel better drinking ice age water. I tried the britta thing a million times and honestly I could feel the difference.

SO call me naive,

I call you under researched.

The book prescription for nutritional healing as a wonderful five or so pages that explain how , and why various sources are not so good and why the filters do not eliminate everything you dont want in the water.

I challenge anyone to drink 4 bottles of cold Ice age and see if you ever go back to britta or anything else.


It would be one thing if you were comparing a muddy puddle of water to bottled water, but regular water to old regular water? That makes less sense then arguing whether coca cola light or cola zero is the best.
But if you think it's worth the money, good for you.


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Get a filter on your tap and fill your bottles up. The only reason I buy bottled is ease of transport. Bottled water is a rip off.


The source is listed on our water over here too. If it's spring water, the label lists where the spring is located. Aquafina and Dasani are any old water that is filtered through reverse osmosis, and it's listed on the label.

Personally when I have to break down and get a bottle I always get the filtered stuff. Who knows what could've taken a shit in that "pure mountain spring".


all I know is that Dasani tastes like it actually came out of a hose.

Aquafina is good tasting water


Have fun with your breasts.


have fun with your paranoia


I dunno, did you watch the doc on GAL forum "Disappearing Male"?

either way. those that try to avoid plastics, how do you deal with shampoos, lotions etc, like was stated in the doc?


pint of milk 40p
bottle of water 60p

not sure what else i can say about the stuff.


In New Zealand I remember soda was cheaper than bottled water. Also, I think beer was also cheaper than bottled water.


Water is required to live -- milk is not............


Most milk is composed of 80 to 90 percent water.

Pint of milk = 473 ml
473 ml x 85% = 402.05ml of water
402.05ml of water/40p = 10.05ml/p

Bottle of water = 500ml
500ml of water/60p = 8.33ml/p

So.... you get more bang for your buck buying milk. And more water.


i'm not saying i don't drink water... just not bottled water when there is the option of milk for less money. besides my fridge has a built in water filter, so i drink that when i'm at home.
didn't want to offend or get into an argument, i was just stating my stance on the subject.


There are fragrance, paraben, chemical...free shampoos, soaps...if you miss the fragrance add some natural essential oils or buy shampoos, soaps scented with natural essential oils...


I wish you were wrong. Coke is cheaper than milk.

What a fucking joke.


Not offended, was just pointing out why they think charging more for water is ok. Besides the fact that people are willing to pay the price.



All of their products (and packaging) are free of parabens and phthalates.


So gas was going for over 4 dollars a gallon not too long ago here in Utah.

There are 128 ounces in a gallon.

If you bought an 8 ounce bottle of water for 1 dollar you would be buying water for 16 dollars a gallon.

Everybody was so upset with paying so much for Gasoline but I didn't hear anyone complaining about the price of bottled water.



16.9 OZ * 24 bottles = 405.6 OZ in a "case"

I paid $3.75 for 24 bottles the other day...

$3.75/405.6 OZ= $.009 per ounce...

$.009 per ounce * 128 OZ= $1.15 per gallon of water

That's why you didnt hear anyone argue about the price of water.