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I Drank my First Raw Egg Shake


Ya. Just felt like telling the world. I am not really a big fan of eggs to begin with, but I had been eating hard boiled eggs a lot. Then I started the AD and have been making omlettes for breakfast. We'll I am sick of cooking, cleaning, and eating first thing in the morning.

Today I blended 4 eggs, 1 oz heavy whipping cream, and a pinch of cinnamon. I probably could have stomached another egg or two in there. This will hold me off til I get into work and can eat something solid.

It really wasn't THAT bad.

Edit: I also took 3 "one a day" fish oil caps and ate 2 fiber tabs with it.


Do you realize that you're not able to utilize all of the protein in eggs unless they are at least lightly cooked?


So then he has double the eggs? who cares


I imagine that most people who are considering raw eggs care whether they are getting the most from them.


Why not something like a shake with a blend of proteins? Muscle milk is my breakfast, lasts for a few hours.


I wonder if the protein from pasteurized egg whites is more bio-available. Anyone know?


Please explain why cooking is superior to the denaturation which happens in your stomach acid.


I have a 6 raw egg shake every morning. Plus a banana and 1 cup of yogurt mixed in.

Tastes great.


No one worries about bacterias with raw eggs? (just sayin'--)


Congratulations you just got the protein content of 2 eggs lol.

51% bioavailability when raw
95% bioavailability when cooked

Numbers are from memory however.

tl;dr: Cook your eggs.


I'd be more worried about salmonella or a other strange bacterias. Bad idea in my book.


This has been covered before.

I for one wouldn't risk uncooked eggs because food poisoning sucks. However, the likelihood is really low.

As for cooking, as mentioned you're not getting full use of all the protein along with the fact there can be vitamin/mineral problems (biotin) as well.


The argument about whether or not the raw egg is digested is mainly due to the fact that part of the raw egg is quickly absorbed..which can be countered by adding fat.. hence the heavy cream.

As for salmonella, with raw eggs, cases are very rare.

And, Muscle milk is a no go on AD.. otherwise I'd make a shake with the 3 flavors I have: chocolate, blueberry cream, orange cream.. etc.. they are stored in my closet for now.


This isn't the reason at all.

It has to do with the fact that humans lack the enzyme necessary to breakdown all the protein in eggs into digestible form.


So what happens to it? Shit right out?


go rocky!! knock out this bum!!

ok had to say it regarding the "raw egg" part. don't know my science, but my momma always taught me that raw eggs are bad for you.

why not just cook them? it takes 5 minutes if you know what you're doing (and have a gas stove like I do, or turn the stove on then go shower or something).


A lot of people drink raw egg shakes because Sylvester Stallone popularized it in Rocky.

Odd thing is, he didn't do it to show how someone training should eat. It was to show how broke Rocky was. He was so poor he couldn't afford the gas to cook the eggs.

It was in the commentary, or his A&E Biography or his book. I can't remember which one.



I doubt most people ever caught that. I certainly didn't.


interesting. I thought it was to show how hard core he was


me neither. props for knowing that.



Egg white contains ovomucin which is an anti-protease inhibiting the action of the trypsin (digestive enzyme) in the small intestine. But ovomucin is itself inactivated by the pepsin of the stomach.

My guess is that the egg white because of its liquid state leaves the stomach too quickly before the pepsin has the time to fully inactivate the ovomucin. The solution is to slow down the stomach emptying time in order to promote more complete digestion by absorbing some extra fat.

But raw eggs do interfere with the absorbtion of some vitamins (Biotin and B12) but it's not an issue if your diet is varied and you don't consume raw eggs at every meal.

BTW raw egg whites digestibility is roughly between 50% and 65%, not that bad (the proportion of absorbed protein from beef for instance is roughly at 75%) Yolk is more digestible raw than cooked.



Raw Egg Lova,