I doubt she`s really 73...

Your thoughts?


Look at the photo on the right side. Hard to believe.

No telling. They may describe some of her theories in the book, but some of those theories may also include plastic surgery or botox or any number of things they won’t tell us.

There are plenty of Hollywood stars that make a living based on their appearance, and in a sense, this woman does, too.

I agree, she’s got to be at least in her 80’s.

id hit it!

Beauty is just a light switch away.

That’d just nasty, Muslhed!

She could easily be 73, but you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Who cares?”

Check under the bonnet, I bet its a little creaky under there. Tits hanging round her beltline, lips slapping against her knees.

Hard to say, Cher doesn’t look as old as she is but she’s got a lot of plastic-Hey muslhed, beauty is just a light switch AND a six pack away!LOL