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I Dose Daily, Proper Way to Introduce my AI?


Up until recently, I was on a m/w/f protocol of 180mg/week. It was way too much in relation to my SHBG.

We dropped it down to 140mg/week, dosed at 20mg a day.

This brought up my total T tested before my injection from 569 to 900s, and my free T up to 27.

However, my E2 is at 62

I recently started getting high E2 symptoms, flushing skin, water retention etc. However short of my E2, I feel great at this dosing.

I introduced my anastrozole .125mg twice this week, however is twice weekly enough to suffice when I inject daily? I feel much better introducing the AI, but I don’t want to overdue it or not do it enough.

Here are my labs, it has everything, include thyroid panel.

Thank you


You say you “recently” changed the protocal and “recently” got sides. I would have given it some time. My Estradiol was high but evened out to normal at the following 3 month labs, no AI ever. 17mg SubQ every day (120mg a week) SHBG 15.

Estradiol 192 pmol/L H 40-160

3 months later:
Estradiol 83 pmol/L 40-160


Can I safely stop the AI, with no ill effects? It was twice this week spaced out wed/fri.


I can’t answer that, not a doctor and I have no experience with an AI. I’m just relaying my experience as well as many others here who forstall AI until ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Many of us find our bodies naturally work it out over time. YMMV :)))


I would only take it to treat the symptoms. I dont know if I would keep running it like a schedule. Like on the fire extinguishers, break glass in the time of an emergency. Same thing with an AI. Try other natural ways of lowering your E2. Warm lemon water works from what I have been told. The heat helps open blood vessels, the lemon helps to cleanse the liver.


Two small doses of AI aren’t going to really hurt you whether you stay on it or stop it.

See what those two do. Record your symptoms. Less is always best with AIs. If you decided you want to take it every 4-5 days would prob suffice.

Could also come down to between 15-18mg /day for a few days to see if that helps.


So my doctor had me on 50mg of testosterone twice a week and 100uints of HCG everyday. And 50mg of DHEA everyday. Before this protocol I was on the cream and noticed my penis shriveled and became very stiff when I checked labs my E2 was 32 (ranges <29). So that’s when he decided to switch me to the injections. But he told me to don’t start out with a A.I but I think that’s a little crazy because my E2 is 32ng and I belive that what may have caused me not to be able to get errections anymore. But I’m not sure tbh what really caused it but that’s what I’m assuming.
So I have been taking .3mg armidex ED. To brinbit down

I don’t know what do you guys think???


0.3mg anastrazole Daily ? is way to much for your current protocol imo. An E2 Of 32 is perfect in my opinion. I’d rather E2 35-40 than 25 anyday. I have way better libido And erections with a higher Normal E2.

That’s a lot of AI bro. You mentioned your E2 labs but not Test?

When my E runs low my penis gets markedly smaller when not erect.


See response


Yea 0.3mg a day. I mean what you saying makes sense but then I have no idea what’s causing my penis to shrivel and no sentivity then that’s the only thing I can think of.
So you think I should leave the A.I alone???
Two weeks ago my total t was 499pg


Thanks everyone,

The only other issue I am having is slight, slight shortness of breath, this only occured after a double red blood cell donation, did I sink my iron levels too low, thus causing this issue? I have a doctors appt scheduled, but its still kind of worrying.


Google low ferritin.
Frequent blood donations will deplete your ferritin. I would add ferritin to your next blood test.
If its low you will have to stop donating blood and start taking an iron supplement. It took me 6 months to get my ferritin of 15 to 100. Needless to say you have to drop your T injections amount as well since that is the cause of high HCT.


Thank you HRDLVN,

Is 15mg/daily a safer bet or should I play it safe @ 10mg/daily? My shbg is low, the reason I changed was my provider placing me at 180mg week or 60mg(m/w/f) and I was pissing out all that test to the tune of a 569 total t vs my current 900s total/27 free test at 20mg/week. It seems I am still converting too much to estrogen and being overweight at 6’3 269 isn’t helping things.


Are you doing anything to drop the fat?
“Within fat tissue, enzymes such as aromatase and aldo-keto reductase 1C are responsible for metabolizing testosterone into estrogen and 5-dihydrotestosterone into inactive metabolites.”


Your t isn’t high id take more T. I sit 900 plus.

Penis shriveling and loss of sensitivity is what I get when my E2 is low.

0.3 mg per day of anastro is a large dose for the amount of T your on. Plus your T isn’t high enough. Post your free and shbg numbers.


Yes, lifting/diet change, no cardio as of yet. My E2 has been on a steady rise no matter the protocol change. Lost 10lbs so far but im assuming all water weight.


Just start working in some walking even if its like 25-30 mins every other day. It will make a difference in many facets. Then if you can start going longer. Some people have had luck with some intermittent fast as well. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work.


Will do, thank you!


I have a low SHGB as well, it ranges between 24-29 I had to drop my T dose to 100mg/wk while getting my ferritin back up. I am currently at 120mg/wk and will do HCT and ferritin mini blood test Oct 1st. to see how everything is going. My prescribed dose 150mg/wk but I can never seem to take that much before something goes wrong if it is not HCT its ferritin. If I jack either HCT or ferritin up too bad the doc will pull my T script. I don’t blame him you can die from either.


yea I have deffinetly took that into consideration. I was feeling my best at 800.
So ok here what happen my doctor took me off TRT back in May and put me on clomid 25mg ED
My TT was 815ng then in June it went down to 700 Then in July it was 650.
I don’t know what made it keep decreasing like that. So i feel like that was the problem here are my current labs