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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


People usually want to be told good things about their bad habits. You can sell loads of useless shit that way. In this case, 15 minutes is the ideal amount of exercise per week - you’re not lazy you’re all scientific and optimuminzz :smiley:


Yep, just like Dorian,… spoke little but quietly and humbly accomplished the almost unthinkable, shutting up all the doubters and haters and… oh wait,… no, no, nothing like Dorian at all… my bad.



This has been a great thread!

I just wanted to write about a guy at my gym (before continuing: Not a gym with many strength athletes or competitors! + I don’t want to make fun of the guy, I really like him). He is the biggest guy there and he actually doesn’t warm up. He trains bodybuilding focused, so strength is not his main concern. Right now he is doing kind of a HIT routine to help him get in better shape and lose some fat. So he is doing I think one set per exersise with high reps. For this one set he is not using a warm up.
Yesterday he started with deadlifts. He is doing his deadlifts without touching the floor. So the first rep is pulled off the floor and then he lowers the weight until it is nearly touching the floor and stands up again.
He just put 4 plates on and did his high rep deadlift sets. No warm up exercises, no acclimation sets, nothing.
He then goes on to the next exercise and so on and fourth.

I have told him before that he is wasting potential and highly increases risk of injury but he is in his early to mid thirties and trains like this for years on end (meaning no stretching and no warm up etc.). Apart from buggered shoulders which limits his bench to about 150 kg, he seems to be okay.

I am not saying that this is how it should be done and I am sure as hell not imitating him, I just wanted to add this as kind of an anecdote.


Why do I always miss the good stuff…


I wonder how much his concentric leg press is.


Unfortunately we can’t find that out. Our gym is so ancient, the leg press actually starts in the bottom position. So you always have to do a concentric rep first.
Will ask the manager tomorrow about a ARX machine.





Using some quick math, looks like that guy in the photo has performed roughly 4 seconds of training over his life.


I really want to try one of those macjhines


I tried a hydraulic machine at a college gym a little while back. Had some digital controller to adjust the resistance, and I think I put it up to like ‘250’, whatever that may mean, on the chest supported rowing one and it wasn’t any kind of challenging. I gave up on it very quickly.


Waiting on them to publish their version of the Colorado experiment.


8 minutes?!? Who has that kind of time to devote to exercise each week. Improve the machine so I can get a week’s worth of exercise in 2 minutes then let’s talk.

Next thing you’ll be telling me is that I can’t get ripped eating my favorite foods: pizza, milk shakes, and a large bowl of melted butter consumed through a crazy straw. (This is harder than it sounds. The butter starts to coagulate and clog the straw, so you have to drink the butter really fast before it cools. It burns, but it’s totally worth it).

I want it all right now and with no effort or sacrifice on my part. Is that too much to ask? Wait…gotta go, Judge Judy is about to render her verdict.


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I read that in an angry effeminate voice of Eminem and it was awesome.


That’s because… it’s an Eminem song


Shows you how little I know about these kids with their hips hop and their vaping and whatnot.


I’m surprised you don’t like Eminem being a fellow mushroom aficionado.


I’m more of a chilling on a hill and watching the wind blow through the trees on a sunny fall day kind of guy.

He seems more like a punch a cop for freedom type. I can’t stand those guys.


hah. yeah man i’ve hurt myself stretching so many times. but that’s another discussion. most of my “healthiest stints” were periods of time with absolutely no stretching. Sometimes I just can’t resist the urge to stretch though, and it feels great. Then, since it feels great, I do some more of it on subsequent days, until finally I actually hurt myself stretching. That seems to be the loop.

I actually was experimenting with something I called “resting max” lifting at some point. I wouldn’t advise it at all, it was kinda crazy. But the idea was to load up a bar with very heavy weight, and hit it with absolutely no warmup. The “warmup” was actually getting mentally prepared to lift something without a workup. It was pretty crazy and I only did it off and on for a month or so, was just too scary.

The most I worked up to, was 315 lb. x 5 half squat @ 147 lb, absolutely no warmup. LMFAO.

The reasoning I used for it, was similar to what you said in the op:

got to stay ready mijo!

I’ve been accused of being a moron a few times in my life, justifiably.

Sorry, slight /tangent.



I’ve been doing it all wrong! I could’ve been going to the gym for one long day and sat on my ass the rest of the week.

I didn’t know you could do the entire week’s worth of work in one day/session.