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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


Doesn’t matter, you’ve made a commitment, -follow through or you’ll be shitting all over your own new business/brand



You were banned as soon as there was zero doubt you were nothing more than a dirtbag spammer trying to use our forum to promote your product.

Bye. Again. There’s no need to come back. Again.


One word comes to mind regarding this spammer…but I wont use that word with ladies possibly reading this thread.


This is true. We were all laughing with you


obnoxious, know-it-all prick is more accurate


Seeing as this guy tried to come back to stimulate more discussion on the pros and cons of ARX training vs free weights, I feel we owe it to him to oblige:

-easier to learn
-less chance of injury
-less intimidating for elderly/infirm users
-easier for those with inadequate mobility
-can overload eccentric portion for increased muscle damage (and so growth)
-less need to warm up/stretch

-pretty much makes you a little, sissy bitch with a physique comparable to the little, sissy bitch physique shown in the picture of the OP posted above.

I know which one I’ll be using.


Dorian would have simply posted the video first and shut everybody up. Then start talking shit(on the rare occasion that he actually wanted to).

Some things, especially the right to talk shit, need to be earned if you want anyone to take you seriously.

See, I don’t disagree with Dorian. I just don’t think you are qualified to use one of his quotes to support your position.


Yesssssss, it’s alive!




But but but…

I wanna see the video!!!


Translation = I couldn’t pull 3 plates so rather than post my utter failure I’ll come onto TN and whine like a sissy bitch.


To be fair, this was just about the worst possible publicity for his product. The only thing that could make it worse is if someone had pictures of him with underage hookers. He should have quit long ago before revealing his hare-brained scheme.

If it was up to me, I would let him stay on the condition that he post a video of a max deadlift attempt, then ban him and rename this “The ARX flame thread”.


I think he spent the last week in the hospital, that’s why we haven’t heard from him.


He should have warmed up


This honestly was an impressive doubling-down on OP’s victim position. I, too, think the Dorian Yates quote is quite reasonable; invoking it from his current position is just stupid. OP: it’s great if you’re willing to be “mocked, hated and misunderstood” in the pursuit of achieving something; the issue is that you’ll have to actually achieve something worth emulating, as I said like five times in this thread, for people to take you seriously.


I find it hilarious that a guy that almost immediately got laughed off/banned grabs a quote from a champion/legend of BB.


He obviously doesn’t know why Dorian was called “The Shadow”.


yea. and you’re also weak as shit, and you look like shit. Sooooo not seeing the value of the comparison here.

it would have given evidence of how your strength numbers on the ARX translate to strength with a barbell, so that folks who train with barbells could have a way of comparing our own training with yours.

I was actually genuinely interested in how your peak force of 400 on the ARX translated with a barbell. And I wanted to see where/how you would fail on a heavy deadlift after having trained with the ARX thing.

See, if you’ve been training for a year, we don’t have to know EXACTLY what you could lift back then. We’ve all gone through years of training here, so we could properly assess a baseline of where a good training methodology should have you by this point. I know how weak I was before I started lifting (guarantee weaker than you started) and I know where I was after a year. So there was, indeed, a comparison that could have been made if you had been willing to show off whatever strength you have on something easier to relate to the lifting community at large.


He’s not even trying to achieve anything, he’s trying to sell some shitty exercise machines. If you are trying to sell something and you are mocked, hated, and misunderstood by potential clients then you are not going to get far.


Remember you offered to send him money for a video of a 410 pull or even a lighter max attempt and he was all into it? How does he turn around and say he’s not doing it because it “doesn’t provide any information”? I’m willing to bet he tried and failed - miserably.