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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


Did you walk into the woods or were you carried there? Some people walk for a warmup.


Of course not.

Let me tell you a story, back when I was 19 I knew a guy who was all into training and lifting heavy, there were no powerlifting meets around here at that time and PL was all equipped too but if this was now he would definitely be a powerlifter. Anyway, the first time I went to a gym was with him and another guy, their method of training was working up to a one rep max in pretty much every exercises and doing a couple backdown sets, and this was basically with a bodybuilding split. It was a pretty brainless method of training, but it got him some results (he was taking some special supplements too). Anyway, at one of the YMCA’s here they used to have some random competitions now and then, either max lifts or lifts for reps or whatever, this guy won a deadlift competition with a 650 pull. The first time I went to the gym with him it was “leg day”, he squatted first, something around 400, he wasn’t a particularly good squatter but he was doing high bar ATG squats with no belt. Next he deadlifted, pulled around 600. Then leg press, the most you could physically load on this machine (in plates, not ARX pounds) was 1000lbs. He had already done that for a double before, this time he did a triple, knees all the way to his chest.

This is a somewhat long-winded story but the point is that this is the sort of guy who can actually leg press 1000lbs. Take a look at the guy on the ARX-whatever IG page, this dude would eat him alive.


I communicate with him regularly outside of TNation now, his instagram is pretty rad.


Ya, his insta is great.


Yeah I’ll admit I was wrong about adarqui. All I ever saw from his was his troll posts when I laid into him, but looking at his log I can see he was just fuckin around. Cool to see him succeeding more in running than being a professional dunker trying to lose muscle and bone mass lmao




I really miss this thread, the moderation by @ActivitiesGuy and the replies by @exercisemachina but I forgot to add this potentially trigger-ish issue on warming up on for high-rep days.

If you are doing 33% reps off your AMRAP in a set consistently, then there’s no need to warm-up.
If you are jogging, there’s no need to warm-up unless your muscles feel stiff.
If you are snatching, you start off with the bar or 40kilos and from there, take the wheel.
If you are fighting, there’s a warm-up routine all fighters abide by.
If you are dancing, there are warm-up routines as well.
If you are singing, there are vocal chord exercises too.
If you are typing, seasoned typists will allude by the importance of stretching your fingers before you cramp.
If you are studying, there’s an entry phase.
If you are sleeping, there are cool-down/lock-down systems in control of it too.

Everything has a high and a low. Do your best la, I know it’s hard.


Classic post, thank you for being you.


33% AMRAP sets?


Obviously he means your AMRAP max turned into a 1rm and then broken down into that 1/3 area, which means you should be able to get at least triple the number of reps that you’d normally get when doing an AMRAP…obviously. #math


Viddddeo, viddddeo, vidddeo?!?!?!?!


darkcop is absolutely my favorite poster on this site. He just comes and goes in random threads, drops his fucking bombs, and disappears. It’s truly inspiring.


Homie’s going to come back with the video in ~6 months after he’s had a chance to train the lift enough to hit that number. Hopefully he warms up.


flipcollar is obviously more impressive to have:

  1. Woken me up from a post-hot shower
  2. Stabbed me with a good 'fuck off for dumping my shit elsewhere
  3. Proceeded to praise me in this thread (MY FAVOURITE THREAD)
  4. And not liking my posts (I am all about the Taylor Swift follow/followers ratio)
  5. He ardently spends more time on TN which is a big win, drawing me to aforementioned threads and posts more seriously than me.
  6. Speedy replies too. I feel like smoking me. Seriously to kill me, give me three more likes.
  7. Lastly, I recommend coming in hard on guys who posts and then disappears.

That’s all.


just when you thought this thread couldn’t get any fucking weirder…


I can’t stress this enough. Best to warm up with your 50% max WPM. I usually start with easy emails, then work up to longer and longer emails. Too much risk going full boar on a nasty email.



A pros and cons discussion is what I would have liked to have done, but that kind of approach gets you banned immediately. As soon as I posted some videos of how ARX works and its advantages, I was banned. So, I had to try and take a much more cryptic approach. Yes the, original post may come off as having a chip on my shoulder, but what I’m saying is true. I don’t warm up.
You do you.

I’m not sure this is the community for an open discussion of the pros and cons.
A video of me performing a 1RM dead-lift provides no information on ARX. There is no way of proving I couldn’t lift the same amount a year ago.

If you have any interest in eccentric overload, there’s the perfect tool for that. wink wink

Anyway I thought the advantages of ARX would be of interest to the T-Nation community but I am unable to explain how it works from being cut off.

Thanks for calling my thread the “greatest of all time”




Fuel the engine of determination within you and stay strong.

I look forward to you returning with a video of an 8,000 pound eccentric leg press.