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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


That’s exactly what I was going to say. Why did he decide being an arrogant dick was the way to go? He could have simply started a thread about the machines and we’d have had a nice friendly discussion on the pros and cons.

I think he must’ve read a few threads first and decided that, since we like to bust balls here, he was best to douche it up a bit.


I can’t like this post enough. Absolutely correct.


Okay so I have to ask…on the left picture, Did you open your camera app and focus on the page and then use the screenshot function that phones have rather than just taking the picture??


How else do you take photos?


We are in a very similar situation. We only have two kids and the youngest is past bottles. He’ll be two in June.

My daughter is up early most days (5:30-6:30) and it’s 8:00 pm when we’re done with the evening routine of dinner and baths.

My schedule contrasts my wife’s though. I’m off MTW and she has weekends off. I get the bulk of my work done on days off and plan my shorter sessions for my work days.

My wife trains for marathons and will run 20+ miles on Saturday mornings before I go to work at 7.

I think the part that most people are missing is that looking good and being healthy is all about diet. Two to three 30 minute sessions a week is plenty of time for workouts for general health and decent strength (by average gym standards).

Meal prepping and eating healthy as a family can go a long way. Unfortunately, a lot of people equate looking good with multiple grueling gym sessions a week in the gym. If they can’t live up to that then they throw in the towel altogether and don’t do anything…except gripe about how they don’t have time for all that as if they’re searching for justification for their current physique.


Even looking at these boards, so many threads go the way of:

“I’m out of shape and need to lose 30 lbs. So, my plan is workout out with weights for two hours a day, 6 days a week, followed by loaded carries, and then add cardio each evening. Also, I will eat 500 calories a day and refeed on Sunday. What do you think of my workout program? [Insert random list of exercises here].”

The thing is, it’s fun to plan workouts and imagine living off the ether until pounds just melt away. It’s hard to do it day in and day out, eventually becoming year in and year out.

I remember the turning point for me about 12 years ago. I just decided I was going to be consistent and for some reason it all clicked. From that point on, I don’t have ups or downs about it, I just do it. If I ate too much over the weekend, so what? I just kept up my workout routine and got right back into my eating plan. I found it didn’t matter, because the big picture was I was training and eating well. That just made it mentally easier.

Wait, this is the first post I’ve done in some time without an ARX joke or comment. It feels odd.


Luckily I’ve never struggled with consistency. Lifting became my hobby when I was 17. If all else fails I’ll still get to the gym. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

I also think my ego pushes me. It’s not that I’m awesome at anything gym related, but I’m better and look better than my peers. I enjoy not being them. I’m happy I’m not the one babbling about losing 30 lbs while eating a “healthy” bagel from Panera (that happens to be 600 calories).

I think I’m motivated by what I’m not - - - fat, weak, and unhappy.


I almost forgot to come back to this…

I got nothing. You suck and I think you’re using the wrong terms for your lifts. For example where you put front squat I think you meant to put Assisted Back Squat. And for RDLs I think you meant Rack Pulls.

I still stand by my “physics is mean” opinion but I’m trying to move on.


It’s a valid argument. I just attempt to ignore it.

Anecdote, N=1 time. i hit 6’1" at 12, and weighed a whopping 130 lbs. I think my ankles and wrists have hardly (if at all) grown. I have a 35"inseam, a short torso, and a huge head. I had my ACL, MCL, meniscus, rotator cuff, and labrum surgically reconstructed or repaired prior to age 16. I have moderate to severe exercise induced asthma. I am not built to lift heavy things.

This isn’t a “woe is me”, but I never want to use these things to excuse or justify my lifts. I’d much rather blame the things I have control over; my inconsistent diet, my preference and avoidance of certain movements, my time management, or my anxiety/mental struggles. If I point at the things I can’t change, I take away my own ability to improve.

I hope my ribbing comes across as good natured, as I mean no offense. I just offer the naivety of my mid 20’s, with the hope of no self-imposed limitations.


I can clarify: my squat isn’t what it should/could be because I haven’t made it a big enough priority. I also dislike squats…probably because I’m tall :laughing:

I’ve never pursued strength consistently. I have a cycle. I’ll try to do the bodybuilding thing and try to grow but get fatter instead. I decide to focus on increasing strength with the current physique until it starts to hurt a joint. I ask myself why the hell I’m doing whatever hurts and go back to bodybuilding type work with things that don’t hurt.

I’m hoping to keep the main lifts in my programming regardless of the phase I’m in this year. That’s been my killer. I see progress and then scrap bench or squat because something hurts. I come back to it later and suck because of the layoff lol

I do feel that I’m quite good at pulling. My body seems to be somewhat built for it.

And no offense is taken. I think I’ve concluded (with your help and others like @T3hPwnisher) that my height isn’t the limiting factor. It’s my weight!


… when you realise a thread like this is a more attractive option than the work you’ve been allocated.

Happens every day to me lol


Same. 9 times out of 10, I wonder wtf I’m doing at the gym so early haha Then I remember what I look like when I do go to the gym and the though of what it would be like without it horrifies me haha


So where’s this video of @exercisemachina pulling 410? I have a feeling he went to do it so he could get his $50 but either the bar wouldn’t move or he blew his back out. He’s going to need that $50 when the bank repossesses all their stuff after missing a few ARX payments.


I have trained in the woods for about 15 years, lifting extremely heavy logs and rocks - mainly in an explosive fashion. I have never once warmed up. Completely injury free.


Dude, he’s never coming back. Someone that’s been thrashed this badly rarely returns.


Except, of course, for Duke.


There’s hope. Shoe guy came back for a few weeks and he turned out to be an alright dude.


Yea, so did Adarqui.

It’s like my ex-gf told me. You’re not the wrong guy, it’s just the wrong time. These people weren’t quite ready for tnation.


I don’t know, he seemed like a masochist doing 1200lb leg presses with no warm up.


I would bet everything in my 401k that his 1200 pound leg press would not convert to what we probably think of as a 1200 pound leg press, lol.