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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


She probably doesnt even warm up


If look in the first place that makes u ghey bro :dancer:

…only intense Snake fasting can save you now



OP’s job is to make the ARX machine look shit.

It’s one of 2 classic approaches used on social media to bury something - create an offensive thread.

It’s typically used for politics to bury news of a competitor doing well or bury news when your political party has done something bad.


emphasized text
———-is the only facility in Utah with these revolutionary machines.
It is now possible for someone to exercise all major muscle groups and reach a level of muscle fatigue that will achieve all three goals of strength training: 1. Maximum muscle growth; 2. Superior strength; and 3. Optimal conditioning – in a remarkably short workout time. (avg. 15-20 minutes per session.) _

I agree that bodybuilders typically love new things, and always wanna bebagead ofnthe curve with the latest supplements, training approaches or anything that might possibly give an advantage. So seeing as how this revolutionary technology isn’t spreading all over, being hailed in exercise science journals, discussed at symposiums, or even making its way to YouTube leads me to question its efficacy in achieving all three said goals of strength training.



This would be a pretty deep inside job, considering that we’ve been able to trace the OP to being a specific family member that owns a specific gym that touts the ARX machine.

It would be a lot of effort with no obvious motive for someone to trace one of the hashtags used in their gym’s Instagram account and then repeatedly create accounts on different forums for this purpose (besides: who has the motivation to need to make ARX “look bad” or make this gym look bad? If it’s a local competitor, starting an account on T-Nation, which has only a few dozen really consistent/regular posters that would see if, none of whom live in Bountiful, Utah is a very inefficient way of going about this). Especially when most of what the person says is consistent with the things on the gym’s website anyway.


I haven’t read the hashtag stuff, just about 20% of the thread.

Trolls love going to considerable lengths to stir stuff up.

One of the reasons I think OP is trolling ARX is none of his posts benefit ARX, they cause ridicule. Getting 600+ replies isn’t good PR, when it’s all ridiculous.

It seems the simplest explanation is OP is trying to ridicule ARX, either for a competitor or out of boredom/resentment.


Come on, I was joking. If he is a competitor, he sucks just as bad at marketing.

What is most likely is the OP is the smart alec kid who just graduated and decides he wants to help out but doesn’t understand anything about the product or business model and decides he’s gonna start social media marketing despite having no plan nor experience and the ones running the business let him do it since there’s no budget involved.


The irony here is that, if OP had taken a transparent, nonconfrontational approach (‘Hey, new guy here. Have any of you tried the ARX training equipment? I should say that my family owns a fitness center that uses them, but I really believe in the technology, and feel like I’ve made good progress with it’), he would have found a community willing to listen to what he has to say.


Cant believe I just sat and read this entire thread from start to finish. I started during my lunch break and have just lost over an hour of my life and am very behind at work.


Look at the instagram page, there is a skinny brown haired guy in a few posts where he refers to “I” or “me”, I’m pretty sure that’s him.

Google “isokinetic machine”, there are other companies selling the same thing, ARX is just one of them. As I mentioned before, this technology has been around for 40 years or so, if it hasn’t taken off yet it’s certainly not about to.

A lot of dumb people are easily taken in by all kinds of fads. If you can come up with a fast and easy way to supposedly get in shape you will find clients, if you have computers and lights and all kinds of nonsense it will attract even more people, like some kind of fitness amusement park. I stay away from commercial gyms but there is this one chain here called Goodlife, last time I was in one of them they had this “Fit in 15 minutes” program (or something along those lines) that was a circuit of electric machines complete with screens, lights, and beeping sounds. As sad as it is, that is the kind of shit that appeals to a lot of people.



Essentially Americans want something for nothing. 15 to 60 minutes out if 168 hours and I’ll be fit? Sign me up!

It’s the same with diets. People are so pathetic that they pay money for “the puppy dog” diet. I heard that from the head track coach at college. It’s a diet where someone puts your food in the bowl and when it’s gone you’re done eating.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher’s, Nutrisystem, anyone?

I bet you that somewhere there’s still a fat person using that vibrating belt contraption for fat loss.

Holy crap they’re still selling them!


Lol, well, ya. You’ve gotta be a lil out of your mind to want to grind away for 60-120 minutes a day to pick a couple more pounds up than you did last year or add a whole 5lbs of muscle to your body…


One of my high school classmates posts her slimming belt (a freakin corset) every damn day on Instagram. It’s like hashtag cinch to slim or something.

It’s smh worthy.


#I won’t do any actual work to improve but I’ll take this pill, wear this belt, and do one rep on the ARX while eating at every buffet in sight.

#skinny people are so lucky they don’t have to try to be thin

#I have a thyroid problem.


It’s funny that you mention that, I was just thinking about it. If crack didn’t have so many negative connotations you could sell it as a miracle weight loss supplement. “I don’t ever have to go to a gym, my food cravings are totally gone! All I have to do is take a hit off this pipe every hour or two and I have more energy that ever!”

Competitive powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, etc., are obviously not for everyone but if you live a sedentary lifestyle and you care about your health and don’t want to look like a sack of shit then how can you not find the motivation to train for at least half a hour a few times a week? I don’t get it. I only got serious about training a few years ago, before I used to go to the gym on and off and often work got in the way, I was working either early mornings or late nights and then I had a kid too. Still, if I wasn’t able to train regularly I just didn’t feel good. I really don’t understand people who work some kind of desk job and have no energy to do anything physical, they are just lazy.


Posting stuff like that is stupid unless you are trying to sell it, but there might actually be something to it. It’s kind of like lifting with a belt, it increases ab muscle recruitment. It won’t make you lose belly fat but for a girl with weak abs it can help to tighten them up.


Honestly, I do. I might get flamed for this, but time and motivation are difficult to come by at the same time for a lot of people.

Using myself as an example, my kids are awake at 6:30 AM every day, we’re out the door by 7:30 AM for daycare. I then work until 5 PM. After that, I pick them up and get home around 6ish. Start dinner, eat, give them a bath at least every other day, and then go through our bedtime routine. When all that’s done, it’s 8 PM and the dishes probably need to be done, the table cleared, leftovers dealt with, maybe laundry so on and so forth. In our case, bottles need to be washed pretty much daily for our youngest. And, of course, it is nice to spend 5 minutes together (the wife and I) and we’re hopefully in bed by 10. Throw in grad school (which thankfully we are both finished) and say bye to several nights a week.

I manage to roll out of bed at 4 AM 3-4x a week so I can do something/anything, but I completely understand why someone just as busy if not more so than we are is like fuuuuuuck that.

And, yes, we could go to the gym at 9ish on weeknights. There is time. It could be done.


That’s what I would do, at least 2-3x/week. I start work at noon and I’m not working full time right now, plus I train at home, so my situation is different right now but at one time I was in the same situation as you and still managed to get to the gym 4 days a week.

5 minutes? Come on, 20 at the very least.


Ya, we have a home gym too, but it’s more for me and my wife could go to a local gym for what she wants to do. It’s certainly possible.

I just don’t think it’s realistic for most people, particularly with young kids. Someone has to stay home with them so, minimum, 6 nights/week you’re not at home together.

I just don’t see that working for most families.

Personally, I don’t lift at night. I used to and I couldn’t sleep afterward. I’ll never train at night again.

Right, but you’re a motivated powerlifter with goals that you want to achieve. Most soccer moms just want to “tone up” you know what I mean?

Lol, was not referring to that. Who has time for that…


#tall people have to move farther so they don’t need to worry about the weight they move as much