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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


I am of the same mind as @ActivitiesGuy In a post above he pretty much hit the nail on the head. The Op got way over his head with this group on here. Sure his spew might sway your average group of general fitness walk the treadmill types. But our group of degenerates in here? ( I include myself ) Yeah no… We have too much collective experience along with Knowledge and general attitude.

He obviously didnt take the time getting to know the people he was trying persuade into giving his miracle device a second glance. If he had he might have realized that he was pissing in the wind at the start.


my guess is that this guy wanted to mine a few quotes of people agreeing with him in some capacity related to the general concepts he started this thread with. And then he could twist it into ‘see? the lifting community agrees, this type of training has merit!!’ Or maybe he wanted to prove how idiotic the weightlifting community is, and how we don’t back up our ideas with science but he does, even though he’s actually utterly failed to do so here.

That part’s actually been fascinating to me, how he introduced the topic as ‘hey, I’m not willing to do anything science doesn’t directly say I need to do’, but finished with ‘look, just try my workout 9000 machine, the only way you can know something is to try it yourself!’ while dismissing us when we said ‘we’ve tried things, we know what works’. The intellectual disconnects within his own mind are pretty impressive.


Not to be an elitist, but powerlifters, strongmen and bb’s are a different breed of character. Mostly I’ve found these folks to be deeply knowledgeable, well read about all things strength, and have the scars, callouses and PRs that go along with years of time with the iron.

My coach calls those outside this circle, those focused on general fitness to be Gen Pop.

The OP should stick with Gen Pop.


This ARX thing reminds me of Nautllus from back in the day… Suppose to be the future of strength training! Now the Nautilus company does not even sell strength related machines.


BINGO… you are a winner


Nope. Then hopefully it’s a case of “the adults know what they’re doing and this meddling kid just wants to get in on the action without seeking prior approval”.


Or the other possibility is…

@flipcollar has mentioned he owns a business, his business is in direct opposition with the maker of this equipment. He creates a fake account to create this shit show of a thread to damage the reputation of his competitor.

I’m now awaiting his thread launching his very own fitness equipment including video of his 3 year old lifting 3 plates.


At least with Flip, he’s got a physique worth achieving…

On second thought, he’s not natty so the equipment wouldn’t matter. He could use a shakeweight and look like that.


I’ll have my son tomorrow night, I’ll make the video then. #cantwait


I was feeling a little sympathetic - the family has probably been trying to make a go of this business - but after a little more digging, I’m not going to apologize for being a dick to someone that clearly has absolutely no leg to stand on as an authority in any fitness pursuit that showed up here and mouthed off to a roomful of people that have ALL achieved more than he has in the relevant pursuit. Just because I want to be an astronaut doesn’t mean NASA astronauts have to be nice to me when I show up on a space travel forum and start spouting off about space travel.

The self-complementary Instagram feed and website is a joke, and OP’s post history is also especially funny in retrospect (“I was trying to convince this older lady to try a local strength studio” - without mentioning that was his family business). Check out this scorching hot take, from the blog on their website:

"(redacted) is the ideal studio for reaching fitness goals because their objective is to train bodies and give them the proper dosage of exercise, not be a playground where affected manchilds and yoga barbies stare at themselves in the mirror.

You don’t have to put up with old naked men in the locker room or the smell of sweat from raggy tank top wearing bros. You get the proper amount of exercise on the best tools for the job: Adaptive Resistance Exercise."


I was a little sorry, but I’m not anymore. Fuck these people and the horses they rode in on, lol.

At least they know how to slap some thoughtspirational hashtags behind an Instagram post.

#strengthtraining #musclefitness #fitnessmotivation #ARXfit #bountiful #fitnessscience #utahfit #utahfamily #utah #musclebound #gainz (actual series of hashtags used in one post)

This is certainly true, and several folks here have acknowledge that the ARX machine / training approach has merit for selected populations. As you note here, and others as well, OP has just ridiculously misjudged the audience that this forum draws. He’s previously been banned for promotion/spamming from two other forums, but he seems to be learning because this time he was a little more roundabout in how he arrived at the whole ARX thing. Too bad he didn’t realize that an audience of powerlifters, weightlifters, Strongmen and bodybuilders wouldn’t be such an easy mark.

Those fucking Instagram hashtags and blog posts. Lol. Good grief.

I’m really curious what the OP can actually do on a real lift, or at least whether he has a decent physique, but I doubt we will ever get an answer to either of those (there certainly are people in pursuit of “bodybuilding” that achieve good results without heavy free-weight barbell lifts, so if he can’t deadlift 600 pounds but has a killer physique, he could still score some points there). His profile photo on the gym’s website certainly doesn’t give much belief that he knows any secrets about getting bigger, stronger, or leaner.


I just feel bad for the state of Utah repeatedly getting tagged in their stuff.


that’s exactly how I went through it in my head before I started trashing him personally. He felt it was appropriate to insult us through hundreds of posts in this thread. So, fuck him. He’ll learn from this, hopefully become a better person.

As to the efficacy of the machine…

I bet bodybuilders have tried it. I feel pretty strongly that if this thing worked, there actually would be evidence in the form of a bodybuilder by now. Bodybuilders DO like to try new things. People in the lifting community in general do. I think that’s actual common for beginners, to be searching for the latest and greatest machines, workout plans, supplements, etc. So, the fact that there hasn’t been a single dude to my knowledge, who hopped on this machine 5 years ago and said ‘let’s make a go of this’ and achieved something noteworthy, tells me what I need to know.


Fine, flip, he didn’t want to deal with the smell of sweat from a tank top wearing bro like you anyway!


Lol I was just thinking if the OP really wants to make himself useful, he should go work for one of the business’s competitors.


Straight from the gyms website, this is the guy telling everybody they’re stupid and need to train like he does


When the motor inside a machine whirs >>> when plates clink #ARX #BigARXGuy #TheFutureOfExercise #TheFutureIsNow #EddyCoanEndorsed


Shit…Im sold now!



Had to be done (I say appropriate for this thread)


Ew. Way too muscley.


Can’t stop staring.