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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


How much do I need to bench for the OP to eat yellow snow? I benched an easy 370 yesterday (paused, with an actual barbell) and I’m aiming to hit 400 in my meet at the end of April. Is that good enough?


Considering that OP has not given a single indication of what he considers strong on any barbell lift since his initial baiting comment, it remains unclear what exactly one would have to lift for that to occur.

It’s pretty obvious what happened here: dude has no idea what “strong” actually is or how strong (some) of the posters here are, so he didn’t realize just how over his head he would be. If he was even a little bit strong, he’d just post up a 400-something deadlift video; while it’s not a huge number, it would have demonstrated some modest level of strength that he has achieved with his fancy machine that allows him to skip warmups, not puke (lol), and have constant tension at maximal effort or whatever. If he posts that in the next week or two, cool. My suspicion is also that we’ll never see that video because this jockey can’t actually do that, and only now realizes how silly he’d look chirping at a bunch of dudes that can lift 100-400 pounds more than him about the ARX gimmick.

He doesn’t have to be the strongest guy in the room to get his point across, but if he’s going to promote this as a superior way to train, it would be nice to have some proof that training in this manner has created a desirable result.

To repeat yet again: the machine clearly has some useful target populations and a meaningful application for those people. It does not support a blanket statement like “You don’t need to warm up or stretch” for people who are training with different goals and modalities.


Care to share where this 0 pukes thing has come from? Probably from a thread before my time here I imagine.



How could I have missed that? Must’ve been distracted by some other stuff.


When he said extension phase, wouldn’t that be concentric? I think he meant eccentric rather than extension. Unless I can actually lift more than I can lower…maybe some tests are in order :thinking:


This is used by NASA. Perhaps OP is Scott Kelly “what a twist!”


I was just thinking of this! If you’re selling something then your first priority is to know your customers and present the information in a way that they can understand and be convinced.

We made this easy by telling him exactly what would sell us and he failed to change his approach.


I know this is dumb but this thread is the new home of dumb on T-Nation…

The idea of motorized exercise equipment makes me envision a crank start contraption that’s really loud and smoky so you’ve got to wear Edwardian motorist goggles while you do your leg presses and manipulate the various levers and pulleys to operate the machine, cackling maniacally the entire time.

I’m pretty sure the Noah’s ARX or whatever it’s called is not a smoke-belching steampunk machine but it is an equally absurd way to complicate simple, inexpensive and effective weight training (special populations aside, of course).


It’s really not surprising. People are always trying to re-invent the wheel for a buck.


I mean, I’m sincerely sympathetic / empathetic if this kid and his family have invested a lot of money in these machines and are trying to figure out an effective marketing strategy to get people in their gym’s door. Starting your own family business has gotta be hard, and getting people to spend their hard-earned money on your product is no easy task.

At the same time, you probably shouldn’t be training people if you’re not actually an expert of some sort in how to train people, and the gym’s website doesn’t give much confidence that any person in house has the first clue what they’re doing; basically, they are regurgitating whatever the ARX paraphernalia tells them about the fancy machine(s) with minimal evidence of real-world effectiveness.


There’s a gym near me that uses the concept of “air resistance” or something whereby people use machines with zero weight and markets itself as a no-effort way to fitness. It’s been going for a few years. This guy and his family just need to find the right brand of lazy idiot.



Don’t ever let go…

‘Celine Dion sings in the background. plus a flute. Thread sinks to the bottom the ocean.’


I’m not paying 50 dollars for a goddamn 3 plate deadlift. My 3 year old son can do that for reps.


Kinda weird to use being a dick on forums as your main marketing strategy.

I wonder if this thread achieved what he wanted it to achieve.


On the bright side, we now know that, for some, being right is more important than making a sale is to a salesman.


My only question after reading all of this is: would Prof X. use this machine?


Where’s you go op? Thought you took the challenge and were willing to post up your best pull.


Jesus, go hire someone or a professional firm to do your marketing.


did you see their website? They’ve got 4 family members comprising their entire staff.