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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


After he posts a video of him snapping his back deadlfiting 225lbs I hope.


Don’t do it! This is one of those gold mines you just gotta let ride out


Doesn’t know what a “conventional” deadlift is, but he’ll charge you $100 a month to use the fancy machines at his family’s gym.

Does anyone at your gym have a professional certification of any kind?


Guys we need to back off… I checked out the ARX website and NASA use this technology, also if I get one in my gym I apparently get an income of $25,000 dollars per month!!!:open_mouth:

Ill def try it now -If I forgo the money can I get my own space suit?

If you legpress 5000 do you get to have a drink with Buzz Aldrin???


Well, we certainly wouldn’t want anyone exploiting a neurosis for commercial purposes.


HIT fucking sucks. Everyone has tried it at some point. We all came to the same conclusion: Fuck this shit. One set once a week is not enough, no matter how hard you go. You have no room to debate this, because you haven’t proved even a modest level of strength by common standards. A 17 year old girl deadlifted 405 at my gym last year and I guarantee you she can do more now. Take that in for a minute. An 18 y/o girl could have outfitted you a year ago.


If you don’t like once a week, then do more


@Mod_Phoenix Pull That Plug! It’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from and it’s consuming my life :flushed: I wanted to unfollow so many times but I can’t do it on my own…


Befote this thread gets deleted, someone please screenshot the highlights


Kind of funny that now you’re complaining about being called out by people asking for strength numbers; you literally “started it” by asking everyone here “how much ya bench”


Shortly after YOU asked people for their strength numbers, I asked this over 500 posts ago. Never answered.


23,000 metric ton concentric leg press breh


Throwing in a side bet. I got $20 he will not post a deadlifting video as he agreed to do many posts ago. Takers?


OP really needs to improve his marketing strategies or that lease-deal from ARX will drain him out.


Where’s the 1? All we have is a mythical mediocre deadlift lol


It has a good use case there. Put it on a shuttle so astronauts can prevent muscle atrophy and get away from monotony of bands.


I’d actually be impressed if 410 on the machine translated to 315 on the barbell.

Lower your $50 offer to a 3-plate deadlift and see if a video emerges.


I know nothing about marketing. But if the gent in question is a salesman, I am pretty sure he’s violating one of the main rules. Which is know your demographic… This whole thread reminds me of a used car salesman trying to bullshit guys who are long time car buffs or even certified mechanics



Another point is that trolling/getting people pissed of in the internet is a terrible way to lure in customers.