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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


false. We actually said if your 410 on the machine translates to 410 on a barbell, we will be impressed. Don’t try to pretend ‘there’s no win’ for you. If the machine does what you say it does, then there is a win. And that would be you posting a 400 lbs deadlift with a bar, to show us the real world results of your machine.


you do realize that, if that’s the way the numbers translate, that you really, really don’t have a real 400 lbs deadlift, right? Which means the results, your ‘pudding’ are not so delicious. or impressive. or whatever.


So your max went from 1200 pounds on 3/21 to 2400 pounds in less than a week?


My max on the machine is higher than that, but that’s what it measured last time on the bottom at static. I’m experimenting in how foot lbs of torque can relate to gravity lbs.

You can shit on my maxes all you want, but I know that ARX has been a phenomenal tool for building strength. Like I said, it’s not a Captain America machine.

You can’t convince me that it’s not made me stronger


2400 eccentric


No one has said that the machine has not made you stronger.

We are simply asking for a demonstration of that strength in terms that are much more easily understood. No one knows how to interpret numbers from the Strength-O-Matic. We do know what a 400 pound deadlift means. This would be enough to show that the magic machine actually builds strength that applies on something besides the machine itself.


That’s good. Try ARX out


We’ve reached a bit of an impasse here.

You keep saying “try it yourself”

We keep saying “show us that it does something useful to us”

You can’t do that. So we’re just going to go in circles here until you can show us something that illustrates the machine builds real strength that works in any other setting.


Hahahahaa you picked the wrong guy, Activities did actually play college Ball on the offensive line and currently deads over 600.

Go to the training logs section and check out his thread you’ll learn a lot


I shit on getting shot- I think it’ll really hurt
Are you really going to debate that getting shot might not hurt?


While I appreciate the compliment, in this forum there are far more admirable folks, including record-holding powerlifters and competitive strongmen. I’m just a guy that occasionally does some decent deadlifts in my garage.

My point to the OP is that he’s pushing the benefits of a machine and training approach despite showing zero relevant evidence of what that machine can add for the people here. Showing that the ARX actually translates to strength in actual tasks off the safe space of the machine would be enormously helpful. By refusing to provide such evidence, it gives little confidence that the machine actually does something relevant to my goals.


totally agree with you. I bet 7000 interwebz points that we are not going to see his youtube shattering deadlifts anytime soon


I once worked with a guy who advocated super slow reps while really focusing on the MMC. One rep could result in fatigue and sweat. But the reality is that it didn’t do jack for actually getting stronger.

Hard (or sweat) does not automatically equal improvement.

I think you’ll agree that smart work beats hard work. I think that’s your stance on the warmup thing. But we want proof of something measurable.

Show us someone who improved their squat, vertical, or broad jump by only training on the ARX.

We would understand that.



I like how we did a 180 of “empirical evidence doesn’t count and all things must be scientifically proven” to “This thing works N=1”


I think you missed my other post where I said that this technology was being used back in the early 80’s. There is probably a good reason why it fell out of favor.


Barbells seem to be a phenomenal tool for building strength. You can’t convince me that it hasn’t made everyone on this forum (except you) stronger. What advantage does your overpriced machine offer? Why should we care about ARX?


This is a lot funnier, knowing what we know now, lol. So some old lady didn’t want to try your family’s gym for the low, low price of $100/month. LOL



Gotta love threads like this.

I’m just sitting here wondering when to pull the plug.