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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch


This thread is like crack. I’m fully addicted and will be sad when it’s gone.


Thanks the keynote speakers and hopefully, their perished goodwill in their own forsaken threads will be reinstated here. Nobody posts there anymore.


follow the rabbit hole that ActivitiesGuy just opened up for us… we have our answers.

I’d like to double down on the ‘Alex can’t deadlift 400 lbs’ wager.

What a fucking joke.

Glad you came here to push your agenda, dude. you got 560+ posts worth of people shitting on the stupid machine your dad bought, and apparently can’t get enough people to pay to use, so he’s got your lame ass pushing this nonsense on social media. Glad it all worked out for you.


You may as well quadruple down.

If I was a salesman and this machine built me a 400lbs deadlift with barely touching a bar, I’d be posting that all over the place. It’s sales gold.

No video almost certainly means this machine has SFA carry over.


you guys know what would be great? If it turned out this guy is an alter ego for the guy freaking out because his friends give him shit for being attracted to muscular women. I WANT THEM TO BE THE SAME PERSON DAMMIT!


oh, of course. you know as well as I do all the things that make deadlifting difficult, and why this computer number won’t translate to real life. He’s not going to know how to get into position correctly. He’s not going to know how to brace properly. His balance will be off. He’s not going to know how to pull through a sticking point, how to lock out, how to properly time hip, knee, and lower back extension, the bar will likely drift forward, he’s not going to know how high his hips should be at set up.

And I’m just getting started :wink:


Lol, I wasn’t going to actually NAME the guy, but it was literally just a google search of his username to find the prior forums where he was banned for spamming (The Iron Den and Bobybuilding dot com) as well as the IG page.


How the hell is ARX explosive?!?!!!?

(but also go slow with the least amount of force necessary to move the machine…which is 1 lb)



OP, Imma let u finish, but first I wanna say that this is the greatest thread of all time. OF ALL TIME!


It doesn’t appear that there is a barbell available for use in OP’s training facility. Hopefully there’s a Golds or something close by where he can find freeweights.


Sometimes I get bored and like to prove to 8 cantankerous people on a forum that ARX is a technologically advanced tool for HIT type of training. I admit my bias.

I understand the skepticism of something new, but you still can’t shit on something you have never tried.

Find a fitness reviewwe who has said something negative about ARX


We are waiting for the video you promised.


Why is that all that matters to you? Whatever I lift you’re just going to say it’s not enough to impress you, therefore ARX should be avoided


Several times in this thread, people have acknowledged that the machine and/or approach clearly have some useful applications (the elderly being a good example).

It’s still utterly laughable that you started an entire thread with the title about not stretching or warming up as a lame-ass ploy to talk about your cool toy.

Care to comment on getting banned from two other weightlifting forums in January for spamming? At least you seem to be getting a little more clever and subtle about your shameless plugging.


You absolutely can. This is a silly idea.

If I provide 1 example of where you are wrong about this, will you admit you are wrong?


Zero stones, zero crates!!!

I had to say that, it was like a compulsion haha

It’s from something awesome if you didn’t know haha


It matters because it would provide some relatively standard illustration of the results one can obtain using this thing.

We all know what a good deadlift is. We have no idea how to interpret a 1200 pound concentric leg press. Showing that you can deadlift something worthwhile would give us an idea that your toy does something worthwhile.

Given that your Instagram post talked about grampa leg pressing 800 pounds, I find myself somewhat less impressed by your “1200 pound” leg press.


Fifth Element


you continue to obstinately ignore the fact that the problem isn’t ‘this is new.’ people try new shit all the time.


It’s actually up at 2400. The most I’ve seen is a linebacker press 4700. After one press he was done and sweating bullets. I’m interested in how much yours would be