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I Don't Warm Up, I Don't Stretch

I don’t warm up, I don’t stretch. I just go hard.

I haven’t for 9 months now.

Injuries: 0
Pukes: 0
Performance each session: matched or improved from previous session.

Creatures evolved to not need a warm up when a predator was chasing or fighting them, how could they? Do you think deer get to warm up at all before a mountain lion attacks. Do you see lions warm up before they attack?

As far as stretching, the literature that changed my mind is a review called “Quite a Stretch,” which says that plentiful recent research now shows that stretching as we know it — the kind of typical stretching that the average person does at the gym, or even the kind of stretching that most athletes do — is mostly a waste of time for most commonly identified goals.

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Oh boy. sample size of 1. short period of 9 months. so science. so impressive. wow.

but in all seriousness, when you created this post, did you actually believe that your personal experience really means anything? I’ve never heard anyone say that if you don’t warm up, you will get an injury IMMEDIATELY.

That being said, I don’t believe static stretching has a benefit for weightlifting, and in fact in some instances it can increase the risk of injury.

But you absolutely cannot convince me that not warming up is a good idea. I don’t have extensive warm ups, and maybe you mean something different from what you’re really saying here… but I’m curious. If you have, say, a max 400 bench, would you throw 3 plates on for your first set (assuming that’s your proper working weight), or would you do a few warmup sets with less weight?

And finally, a couple personal questions

  1. how old are you?
  2. how strong are you? a few numbers would be sufficient. I’ve learned through my own experience that as I’ve gotten stronger, and older, some degree of warm up has become more necessary to prevent injuries. Lifting heavier weights takes a greater toll on your ligaments, tendons and joints. Even though muscularity increases to handle greater loads, oftentimes those tissues can lag in development, and are more susceptible to injury.

My dogs stretch out when they wake up.


Evolution has not in any form occurred with regard to you lifting weights.

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You don’t understand the point of a warmup or evolution, got it!

no. these are activities essential to these animals existence.

I do not warm up to eat a bowl of cereal. I do not warm up to drive to work. I do not warm up to have a conversation with friends.

weight lifting is a pretty unnatural activity for a human being to engage in. several gym lifts put the body in very unnatural positions, particularly as they are loaded.


Try the following;

Put some chalk on your hand.
Stand next to a wall
Jump as high as you can and touch as high as you can

Now do a 5 minute walk. Some dynamic stretching. Then increasingly more effortful jumps (not 100%).

After 4 or 5 jumps, try the above again.

See what you learn from this.


I never claimed that my experience was scientific. It is just my own testimonial of not needing it. In the same post, you share your testimonial of warming up.

I don’t warm up. Change my mind

See if you can change your own.

I will do this if you can answer these questions

if you won’t engage with me in a discussion by answering the relevant questions I asked, I’m not sure how I can change your mind.

But it really won’t matter. The iron will change your mind soon enough.


You’re making light of what the creatures are actually doing in these scenarios. These activities are different because they involve pushing muscles to their limits. When their muscles have to be pushed to the limits, they don’t get a chance to warm up. If they escape, then it was just an adrenaline pumping exercise. Therefore warmup plays no role in their bursts of strength.

Warming up is counterintuitive to the idea of stimulating adaptation. Why would your body need to adapt much if its always warmed up for the stresses of resistance training?

You don’t by chance follow the predator diet, do you?


Lol, why? No one fucking cares if you warm up or not.


All the strong and muscular animals spend zero time on the internet. Try following their lead on that one too please.


Okay, here’s the thing. Do you think Usain Bolt walks up to the starting blocks cold when racing? If what you say is true, there would be absolutely no need for him to do any kind of warm up. Do you think Lebron James gets out of his car, walks on to the court cold, and puts up a triple double? Pitchers are told get warm in the bull pen prior to throwing 95 mph fastballs.

But, my mom doesn’t warm up before grabbing her pink dumb bells and cranking out sets. Come to think of it, my chubby, weak neighbor seems to be doing fine with no dedicated warm up to his weight training.

So, I agree with you. Only someone doing a strenuous, taxing activity that has muscle mass needs to warm up. Apparently that’s not you, so I support your no-warmup routine.


I’m 29.
How strong am I? Which numbers do you want?

There are several ways to prudently avoid injury while resistance training. Warming up is not an appreciable one of them.



My first thought as well.