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I Don't Want To Wean Off Anymore. 'Roid Rage' on Lower Dose

I never experienced “roid rage” until getting off T, or excessive amounts like the 500mg/wk I was on for around 2 years. I’m now down to 125mg/wk and that keeps my T at 2500-3500. But, I’ve had my first explosive episode ever–one would think this would come at running 500mg/wk? Nope.

I don’t want to go lower anymore because that was frightening enough to where it could’ve landed me in the slammer for a few years. I’d rather die of a heart attack earlier than to have another uncontrollable outburst.

Does anybody else experience emotional outbursts when going down in dose or hopping off cycles?

T for me has gone down from 4500-5000 but E2 has remained constant so I’m unsure what could cause it.

If you really think this is the right thing to do

Why are you posting about it? Are you looking for a seal of approval?

Chances are you’re not going to get it.

Well, as a epic asshole myself, i would firstly recomend for you to view this situation from many points of perspective, because - as it is in my case, its just that we would blame drugs. In reality, i am a terrible person no matter what i am on. People call it roid rage but they dont know that i was exactly the same when i was 15, and didnt take anything. Its just that now i am bigger so i express myself more open, lol.


125mg/wk has your test that high!? What was it on 500???

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If I’m reading correctly:

No T = rage
500mg T = rage
125mg T = rage

It might not be the T my guy


No, just sharing my experience that roid rage can occur on the way down as it can up. I didn’t need anyone’s approval for me abusing 500mg/week for year(s?) and I don’t need anyone’s approval for me to come down either. This should just serve as a warning to those that it is possible on the flipside as well.

I’ve been on 500mg for years and probably one of the nicest people ever… really unexpected to have happened on a week I went down in 25mg dose. I dunno what else to blame it on? Pent up anger for years?

It’s at 2500~. I never got tested during a peak on 500mg as I knew the doc would be worried, but I have tests that show I was anywhere between 4500 and 5000 with my best guess from testing now being around 6000 if the same percentage increase applies from injection date to peak.

Where did I say no T = rage and 500mg = rage? I stated that rage occurred on the way down. I don’t ever recall typing that I had rage on 500? Maybe I did and I just don’t recall it… but if I did, it wasn’t as severe as what I experienced coming off.

These data don’t compute. Height and weight? Peak or trough? Injection protocol and timing of blood draw in relation to injection?

Please share your test result. Thank you.

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Like I said, if I read it correctly. You said “coming off”, I took that to mean stopping test. Best of luck

Usually about 3 days after injection. I get once a week 125mg now.

My other results were from 250mg/2x weekly.

Oh, no. I can’t completely stop. My endocrine is fried from the get-go so I need to be on it having undiagnosed hypogonadism. I just don’t wanna chance anymore episodes by going down farther and am fine with the negative physical effects over what could happen.

Height and weight? From this one can roughly estimate your apparent clearance volume.
Pharma Test ester or UGL? Overdosed gear? Walk me through volume and concentration of what you are injecting yourself with or what your Provider is injecting you with?

You should go read through his history. You’re a data guy and I think you’ll enjoy the utterly impossible challenge of modeling a response to what may be the most wild edge case I’ve ever seen, here or elsewhere.


Your on permablast. Why don’t you drop down to a level that get you right at the top end and stay there for a few months to let you hormones balance out. What does your bloodwork look like?
I’m on 170mg/wk and that puts me around 750-800
Steroids don’t give you rage out of nowhere. Typically you already have issues and they magnify the issues,

lmao … your total T is not 2500 - 3000 on 125 mgs test a week. Now get lost buddy.

Dude has god tier response provided his SHBG isn’t astronomically high.

Imagine being able to take 125mg/wk… And you just blow up from that…

You’re right. I feel like an idiot. I remember doing the conversion before and quickly remembering that it was * 100.

My T is 34.3 nmol/L which is 991.4 ng/dL… I think that is correct now. That is, also, 7 days after injection. (My lab paper says 34.3 only, no measurement so please correct me if I’m wrong again.)

My doc has no problem keeping me at this level which is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Peak 101kg 5’9" @ 500mg test E / wk (about a month or two on 750).

My T reporting has been shit in all my posts, as pointed out by @iron_yuppie going through my history dating to 2016 as I’ve been converting what my lab gave me incorrectly. I don’t mind posting all the correct numbers, but god help me if I get the conversion wrong again.

That’s still very good for 125mg/wk

When going off T, I heard from people that get very agitated. People with low testosterone (older men) usually fulfill the grumpy old man stereotype which is believed to be testosterone related.

In your case, if you are tapering down right now, then I could understand it because big hormonal changes always have emotional effects. But if you’ve been at a constant dose for a few months then I don’t think it is test related. There is a lot that can make people act that way. For example, I’m in control of myself all the time, I’m nice when I want to be and I’m relaxed usually. But give me a stressful week or two and a guy jostling himself before me in the supermarket line and somebody will be about to get ripped his head off.

It’s very rare, but I can be quite explosive. Most of the times after a week or so, I think that I shouldn’t have let it out on someone. Just like you. Try to evaluate other reasons than the test.


I was tapering off 25mg/wk from 250mg… soon as I hit 125, it was sudden emotional changes, so I’ve decided to stay here for a while. I cruised on 500mg and did blasts of 750mg for a good 2~4 years.

Mental health could be another reason, but I’ve never had outbursts towards anyone else, as to why I’m leaning to believe this was hormonal.

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