I dont want to quit taking test

I’ve been on 400mg of enanthate a week for 3 weeks, basically for sport specific improvements. I feel great. I am relaxed, focused, and more alert. I really don’t want to come off. My natural test is low, about 275(total). I know I’m gonna fuck myself up if I stay on a long time, but whats the longest I should stay on(safely). Can I bridge w/ Androsol mornings only(after HCG and clomid)for 6-8 weeks and start over…I’m just asking for trouble, I know. Please kick down some Logical reasons I can’t do this, or this is the plan Im sticking with.

400mg a week is not a lot of testosterone. You could stay on that all year long if you wanted, with out bad sad effects. Look at it this way, your taking about 10% of what the pros take every week for decades with out going off the roids. If I where you, considering that you want to cycle off, just go three months on and three months off.