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I Don't Understand

I’m watching the news right now and they had a story about a dog that was missing. Ended up he was caught in a hunting snare, but he’s ok. The news program gave a warning that “some people may be sensitive to the nature of the dog’s injuries” then showed some pics and video footage. They never give a warning when they show footage of war though. i just thought that was sad…

think about lassie, when that gun is pointed at him all the ladies start to cry, they know whats coming. you take those same ladies and watch a movie where an actual person get shot at point blank and guess what the response is, nothing… nothing at all. maybe a “i dont like violent movies” sorta thing, but no sadness. we as a culture are desensitised against violence to ourselves, but not so with animals. i suppose if there were movies and tv which focused on the torture of animals then no one would care, but until there is (and i really hope there isnt) people will still feel sorry for animals which cant protect themselves

Watching a war unfold on television is certainly a new phenomenon. In the medium of television, a war is just like any other program. Along with missiles firing are colorful 3-D graphics and cool sounds. The reality is taken out. “Thanks to television, we watched a murky missiles-and-fireworks display from the roof of a Baghdad hotel, and learned no more than we could see with our own eyes,” Waters told Billboard Magazine in 1992. “Now [President] Bush is shopping the election-year idea of invading Iraq again and it’s all the same cheap, dishonest game show.” They show the war without the violence & stuff because they don’t want the generaal public to see how bad it is. When people see how bad it is they won’t want to support the war & they’ll start to think independently. Read 1984, Orwell describes the exact same thing with the never-ending war & 2 minutes hate, etc. How many times has CNN said that they’ve almost caught Osama bin Laden? They do it to get everyone’s support.