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I Don't Understand My Results


I started lifting as a bodybuilder and I recently(less than a year ago) started training for powerlifting and strongman. So know I keep my reps very low(1-5) and sets high(4-5 not counting warmup) and do just the big three exercises with 2-3 assistance exercises.

Well I have noticed that know that even though I am eating more carbs and fats in my diet and having 1 full cheat day a week to eat what ever I am actually making really good bodybuilding gains. Like my strength in the big three exercises are increasing every week but, I am noticing that I am making even better bodybuilding gains.

Like my waist has decreased in size, my body fat is going down, my abs and veins are becoming much more noticable, and my shoulders and lats are are spreading out now... why am I making body building type advances now that I am not even training for that.


So you are lifting for strength and eating for size? Size like a winning combination for getting bigger to me.


Yes but thats the thing I am training for strength with low reps and eating loads and now I am actually decreasing my body fat levels and increasing muscle which I am not complaining I just dont understand why that when I was training for size ans shape I was not getting these kinds of gains.


Maybe your diet and training back then simply weren't adequate.


It's almost like muscle size and strength are related somehow.

Plus some people respond better to low reps.


Yup, some people do respond well to low reps. You can get size gains with 5 reps. Plus the big three are great hormone producers and calorie burners.

I've never really seen many body builders deadlift, and IMO it is may be one of the best mass building exercises ever.


Where strength goes, size is sure to follow! Eat More!!


Couldn't be! We all know that all bodybuilders are weak and all powerlifters are fat!


YEAH! And you have to shoot yourself up with epinephrine if you want to be a powerlifter. Because they all do it!


What's up GA boy??? Sounds like you figured it out.


Ok I was just confused at my results considering now that I am not bodybuilding I look more like a bodybuilder lol you can understand my frustration I guess.

Elano- I trying lol


You started to train compound lifts heavy.

Unless you are a genetic freak, your not going to put much size on doing leg extensions and tricep kickbacks.

I love bodybuilding workouts but in general people just don't train heavy or hard enough.



Well why is that now that I dont do single joint exercises much at all that my smaller more finesse muscles are beginning to shape and grow now. Like for example I have not done a curl or tricep extension in a few months and my arms are gaining size and definition.

Such as ever since I started doing Close Grip Pulldowns my biceps have become much stronger and actually began to get some what of a peak on them. Don't you have to do the little single joint exercises to really hit the arms, delts and legs to their fullest and to shapen the muscles the best they can be.


You answer your own question here man, you do realize that, right?


Bangs head on desk, goes back to eating...



Dude, you can't carve detail into a piece of paper. You need a big fucking block of marble. Stick with the compounds until you have amassed the size you need to do the isolations (if you want to).

This isn't the same advice that I would give to anyone, but it seems to be working for you if the information you have relayed to us is accurate.


Ok thanks guys and sorry for the dumb statements.