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I Don't Train Enough?


some pt told me i don't train enough. it kind of got in my head i'd like to hear feedback and possibly sugguestions
on what i could do to improve

squats 15 12 5 3
leg press or lunges 3sets 10 reps
calf raises 3 sets 20 reps
leg ext 3 sets 12-15
leg curl 3 sets 8-10
tues-chest 20 sets 6-20 reps
deadlifts 12 10 8 6
pullups+20lbs 3sets 5-10reps
pulldowns 3 sets 10
rows 3 sets 10
fri-20sets bicep 20sets tri 6-20 reps


If anything you train too much(volume wise. Most PTs are there to sell gym memberships, if you are getting gains with your workout then nod and say thanks and carry on.


WTF? I train (in some form or another) every day. Even if you aren't lifting each day you should be in there getting some mobility and energy systems done. Or alternatively non lifting days are for sports and other cool activities. Fuck anyone who says you train too much. CW rx's that you can be in the gym every day. I lift 4 days a week. If you're getting stronger then you are obviously winning right?



Is what you're currently doing working for you?

Do you respect the PT who was talking to you?


I train twicw a week:
ME bench up to 3RM
BB Row warm up to 4 sets of 5
Incline DB press w/u then 3 sets of 8
Lying Tri ext w/u then 4 sets of 8 (light)
Cable face pulls 4 sets 15
Band crunch 4 x 15 (Green)
EZ curls 3 or 4 sets x 6
45deg hypers 3 sets 8-10
L-fly seated(ext rotation) 3 sets 8-12

DE bench 6 sets 3 w/bands or chain
close grip Board press 4x6
Chest supported row 4x8
Thick handle DB Hammer curl 4x 6-8
Band pull-aparts 3x15
Band face pull 3x15
Band back raise (hyper) purple x 4 sets 8-12
L-fly laying(ext rotation) 3 sets 8-12

I'm 47, 280lb (too fat) can only really get in the gym twice a week and this seems to be working, each session takes about 2 hrs but heavy stuff is generally done early with rehab/prehab done towards the end. Its working!


Depends on your goals. If you want to be an olympic athlete or a pro bodybuilder than he is probably right.


I agree. "Too much" of anything or too little for that matter cannot be declared out of hand except in extreme cases and if anything you're on the high end of volume especially for Chest and arms. People who pronounce judgment on somebody else's methods without spending quite a bit of time gathering information about them tend to irritate me.

Except for noobs where it's usually a pretty good bet that the latest super zooty advanced routine is not for them.


CW might say that but did you bother to check up on how much volume he says to do in the gym? If you're getting stronger, that's great. But that doesn't mean you can't improve on what you're doing. Simply accepting you're getting stronger is the wrong attitude in my opinion.

For example, there's this one guy I see regularly in the gym. This guy is my entertainment because he's got some terrible form on almost every exercise he does. But, he still has a decent physique.

Lifting weights is lifting weights. But if he took the time to learn how to lift properly, he would be making better use of his time and would see better gains. Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't hurt himself yet.

I definitely wouldn't say you're not training enough. I agree with tiribulus that you're volume of training is definitely high. It couldn't hurt to drop off a few sets or reps. If anything, if you don't like the results from doing less volume, then simply boost it back up.


he said he was told he doesnt train enough not too much lol


I see a lot of people that don't work that hard, and a lot of people that work harder. Do what you want as long as you're getting the results that you want


I don't see a lot of people anymore being that I train in my basement. Lately I've wondered if it wouldn't be worth it once we get back on our feet to go through a few one month gym memberships just to see what I'm missing. I suspect not much if it's anything like it was last time I trained in a commercial gym. There was one kid who was killing himself with volume and frequency that I could not get through to even though he asked me stuff all the time.

Other than that it was a social club. The place is still there www.allnaturalgym.com with the same name even. I used to live less than a mile away on Long Island. Don't mind me a little stroll down memory lane.


I have to train at the uni weight room, but its barely got enough free weights to get me by. I find myself wishing I was back at my undergrad in the football weightroom again.


Equipment wise the place was great. Had every piece fathomable and plenty of old school racks, benches, plates n bars too. Luckily I was there mid afternoon during the week either by myself or with the one kid I mentioned. Saturday was leg day and there were more people, but mostly walking around talking or just generally fluffin off.

The owner was a guy named Glen, he and his wife ran the place and they had a pretty solid attitude. They tried to be fair to everybody. They'd hear complaints and judge according to the situation. I wouldn't mind running into him again. He watched me put on 40 plus pounds during the time I trained there. Oh well, don't know how I got off on all that.


I just started back in the gym i've been outside in my garage for one whole year and i think they both have there perks but the heat in florida has kept me from gaining some but my cardio has definetly benifited.


No doubt bro, I am not a heat guy. My basement stays like 15 degrees cooler than outside naturally and I have a window air conditioner at one end. I could not train in a garage in Florida in the summer. My hat is off. You get a special achievement award for intrepidity. Somebody would've found me collapsed under a bar.