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I Don't Like Mr. Piston!

There’s a guy in my gym who breathes like a piston and I do not like him for it. Just breathe dammit! He does 35lb DB bench press and sounds like the Little Engine That Could. I’ve heard ot from other people too and it’s one of those Things About People At My Gym That I Hate.
Of course, that’s why I then go and get my iPod.

I can identify.
there are a couple of guys that come in a few days a week and move small weights - with BIG noise.
the grunts you would expect from a Branch Warren & Markus Ruhl workout clip.
to quarter squat 185 for 5 reps on the smith machine!


You write like a 7 year old.

And after the little engine that could reference I do believe you are an imposter.

I don’t what you mean.
I did write that first post when I was at the gym at about 6:30 AM, so it may have sounded mildly incoherent, I’ll give you that.

Oh yeah, shut up.

Welcome to the brave new world of ipod lifters. Please Do Not Speak To Or Feed Thank You :wink: