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I don't know where to start anymore

Let’s see…I started working out two years ago and increased my weight from 135lbs to 170lbs…then bam, back in july I got rear-ended, hurting my back. I stopped working out pretty much all together. Now I would like to start again, only this time around things are more difficult. I work at night (from 11p-8a) and then go to school in the evening (from 6p-10p). The only time I can work out is after work…usually when I am quite exhausted since I tend to only get about 5-6 hours of sleep a day…and that isnt even continous. There isnt anything I can about it…except look for another job (which I am doing). I basically can’t decide on how I should work out anymore…and if there are any little things I can do to help myself out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah…I am also afraid that my T-levels have dropped…I’ve been cranky, I very rarely want to have sex with my beautiful girlfriend anymore (we used to do it about 5 times per week, now we usually dont do it more than once per week), I tend to ‘feel sick’ more often, and I’m hardly ever in a good mood.
i guess thats about it.