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I Don't Know? Laugh or Cry?




Yeah I watched that, it was like a 2 week series.. it was crazy how weird all those guys were.


Hell, I'm speechless.


why'd they need the camo cop, when there was like 5 in uniform standing in front of the guy


I almost feel sorry for the guy.




why the hell did they have the voice over readign the transcripts? I'm not literate enough to understand "hehe?" I like how the reporter is taking himself so seriously, buddy, YOU didnt DO anything!

and the end is HILARIOUS
"you can keep the towel"
[weird look, shakes head] "no, I'll just leave it int hte laundry room"
"that's fine"




That may have been the most over-dramatic moment of television I've ever seen.

Maybe they could've set off some flash grenades, and then opened fire with .50 caliber machine guns, and then fired some SAM missiles... THEN it would've been a convincing arrest of some douchebag calmly walking down a sidewalk...


He's a dumb fuck. He didn't have to explain himself to the reporter. He wasn't under arrest at the time and he has the right to not say anything and get a lawyer.

He's a dumb fuck, that's why he did what he did and tried to get the cat involved.

It would have been funny as hell if the cops were like "get on the floor right meow". Kinda like super troopers.


LOL, nice super troopers reference. That arrest definitely would've been made complete if Office Farva was present.

And yeah, what the hell is up with the cat thing? I mean, I get that he's a loser who's trying to score with some 14 year old girl, but he wants her to blow a fucking cat first??

Humanity never ceases to amaze me...


i would have kept the towel, as a momento


Cry - The least she could do was to have sounded fat on the phone! They should have showed him the porker. This dude would give up on all internet dating for life. Better treatment than prison, and it saves the taxpayer money.


I'm surprised nobody has suggested a punishment.

How about he's made to suck off one of Siegfred and Roy's trained fellatio love-tigers? It's like this: Lock them together in a room with no food. Either he sucks the tiger or one of him or the tiger goes hungry (guess which one?). If he's lucky, he gets off having only had to suck tiger dick. After performing his duties, he'll have wished he kept the towel...

Then, since this is like some Willy Wonka justice, Oompa Loompas will step out singing about internet perversion.

"If you're not horny, you will go far."


I totally can hear the Oompa Loompas singing that, and him still sitting there looking stupid.

I think a bunch of 14 year old girls beating his ass with souvenir baseball bats would end his underage lusting. No, wait. A bunch of FAT girls working him over with little baseball bats. That would make great TV.


Only one problem with that. He'd probably enjoy it.

I'd rather build a grass hut with a waist-high pole in the middle, nail his dick to the pole, give him a rusty can, and set the hut on fire. Now that's justice:)

P.S Being a dad can warp yor mind.


the worse in this is he ain't the worst, one showed up with his kid and one with rope n' duct tape...


No shit. I've seen most of them, and they almost all said," I just came to talk and hang out," or " "This is the first time I've EVER done anything like this." It may have been the first time for some, but not all. I still can't believe that idiot got ass-naked. He's gonna be more infamous than the Star Wars Kid.


Is that legal to entrap someone, aren't you supposed to inform the cops as soon as an indication of illegal activity is suggested or made ? The guy spoke with an American accent (Marvin) but sounded like he might have come from Britain earlier.=, he had a Brummy twinge. (Midlands accent).

Why did camo cop think he was in a re-make of Sniper with Tom Berrenger. I never ever saw anyone in the Army with that much camo except in pantomine at xmas. Even Snipers I saw has less than that. he should have shouted 'rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and done werewolf hands or something.