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I Dont' Know How to Train Anymore

Hey so some background im 23 5’9" tall and 190 lbs and i hang around 12% fat

my maxes are a 435 squat a 300 lb bench and a 450 deadlift

in the past i have trained for mma competition, powerlifting and just for size in general.

i now find myself with a new job in a very physical field. I work in remote camp settings on a drilling rig for 28 days in a row 12 hours a day then i get 2 weeks off. my first stint i short changed myself on carbs and went from 195 to 170 in 28 days. my second stint i wised up and carb loaded and was fortunate to have a gym at camp and i managed to lift about 3 days a week on top of my already highly demanding schedule (this is diamond drilling so im doing all the lifting by hand).

any way with this new job i just dont know how i should train any more. i dont have the resources at camp to train heavy most of the time. it seems like any sort of powerlifting program is out. it also isnt conducive to body building and with the feeling of always getting derailed i am having trouble with motivation during my off time

Should i just be free balling and doing general fitness? i want to be stronger and i want to be bigger im just not sure how to do it

Full body, three times a week.

And get about a dozen Finibars boxes.

If I were you I would do something like

leg curls
5/3/1 squat
leg press or RDL
leg extention

5/3/1 Bench press
Incline DB flys
lateral raises
tricep extention

5/3/1 Deadlifts
pullover or rear delts

And don’t kill yourself with volume.

i liked 531 alot when i was on it and it lead to me too some really great gains but i just dont have access to a bar consistently enough to implement it effectively i think

and when i do get my month off seasons i almost feel like i need something more aggressive to build as much strength as possible in a short time

yesterday i just went to the gym started squatting and worked up to a single at 405 probably the easiest ive hit in about 6 months i think im gonna push for a 455-75 by early january by maxing out 2-3 times a week

then i just did heavy bench and good mornings and did an arm routine cause im headed to cuba soon

that is a really great article thanks!

planned over reaching in your time off then maintenance during work weeks