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I Don't Know (Box) Squat


Just a few questions. I've read some elitefts articles but would like your guys input.

  1. Does anyone know a really good article describing box squatting technique?

  2. I've tried it before. Do you sit all the way back as if you were sitting down on to a chair? Keeping your back straight?

  3. I have a 405 regular squat to parallel. Any estimates of what my box squat max would be?

  4. Besides strenght, does box squatting help to build thigh hypertrophy or should I just use them for strength/dynamic work and keep on doing high rep squats, ATG squats, unilateral work and leg press to build up my thighs?

*I know strength and size are like bread and butter but I don't know if box squatting for high reps is a good idea.

I'm curious because I'm currently training offseason for hockey and I really want to put mass on my legs as well as a lot of strength.

Thanks in advance.


I'd have sworn there was an article around here somewhere... anyway, just a roundabout bump.


Sorry, I don't remember exacly where I read it, but I remember reading that I'm supposed to sit back as if sitting in a chair.

The box is supposed to help get your body used to good form squats, and is more challenging that regular back sqauts (as far as weight is concerned).

It has made me used to sitting back as far as I can, and I truly believe that it has improved my back squat form.

I think the stop at the bottom takes away some of the stretch reflex, making you work that much more to get it up.

I've been using box squats on my ME squat/dead day, and have only ever done them by working up to my 3RM, gradually increasing weight within about 8 sets.


Dave Tate tells you how.



I'll admit, box squats are still a little bit of a question mark to me as well... I wish there was a good video or article of them. WestSide uses box squats for dynamic effort, correct? ie: doubles for 45-65% of 1RM?


just look up the many Dave Tate threads on this site. There are videos as well where people actually talk you through the box squat, in detail, simple enough for a crackhead to follow along to get you box squatting like a champ.


Actually, that Dave Tate article mentioned before was terrific. Who knew the search function could actually answer questions?


Dave Tate's website elitefts.com, look in the articles section and westside-barbell.com in the articles section.


Also, good info here:



and if you still have doubts... Elite FTS Squat/Deadlift Exercise Index is a great DVD to see the max effort and supplemental exercises set up and performed. The explanations and coaching points are are also very solid.


I've ready many articles on it but wanted it to be cleared up a little. So what I'm getting is its better for speed work rather than strength/hypertrophy?


I've seen it recommended for either one in the elitefts templates booklet.

The different templates suggest a group of exercises to choose from and box squats are listed both for ME and DE days.

When I used them on DE days, I used something else on ME days and if I used it on ME days, I'd use something else on DE days.


Here's a great one with a video