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I Don't have Money to Join a Gym or Buy Equipment...


Is there any way I can use household items to make barbells, dumbbells, etc. safely? If so, any examples of what I can use? Thanks.


Option1. Got a car? Push it
Option 2. Get a job
Option 3. Learn to steal (either the money to buy kit or the kit itself)


If you have a park nearby, you can get in a really good workout using bodyweight exercises. Usually there are monkey bars and such. Go to youtube and search for thug workout (probably a good idea to watch it on mute) and you can get an idea of the different types of exercises available. Also, be creative...

read the articles on here about the proper way to perform a pushup - focusing on the protraction of the scapulae

read about the the proper way to perform a pullup - focusing on retracting the scapulae

good luck!


Yea, some exercises like push ups can be made a lot harder with small changes like doing them slowly... That thug workout idea is really good. But if I were you I would try making a homemade sandbag somehow... (A canvas sack canâ??t be expensive can it??). There are loads you can do with one of those...
But seriously dude... you have zero money to spend? You canâ??t even buy one of those dumbbells that have plates to add on?

You can get 40lb DBs here for like 50 bucks dude. That sorts out any shoulder raises and a range of arm workouts, chest flys if done properly... at least until you get much stronger. Besides get creative with a dumbbell (do research online for different exercises) and you will be surprised how much you can do with lighter type weights if thatâ??s all that available, especially if you are just starting out. I mean concentration curling 40 for a beginner is not gonna happen.
Itâ??s not a replacement for a real gym but itâ??s a start... until you get your head outa your ass and get a membership... :stuck_out_tongue:


Give this a try :expressionless: It aint bench but... yeaaa


Sandbags can be had for free by stealing from a roadworks site, they use them to hold temporary signs in place when it's windy, just go late at night and comandeer one.

You could also try to blag a hod from a building sight, throw it over your shoulder full of bricks and it can be used for squats, lunges, step ups, etc.





Or just go strongman style and pick up and carry around any heavy shit you have lying around... :slightly_smiling:


Go to a small gym that looks like it's struggling for members and being dominated by franchise gyms, probably one full of sqt racks, barbells and dumbbells with minimal machines for cardio, fans instead of AC, no receptionist etc and talk to the owners about working there (cleaning, answering phone, packing away equip etc) in exchange for a free gym membership. Most small gyms will be happy to do this as they get a lot of benefit without changing their overheads, as most of the costs are fixed anyway.